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bellotero692 years ago
still so I love your profile
l8nite (author)  bellotero692 years ago
Thank you
Mister Wolf3 years ago
Hi there! Nice 'ibles and profile! Having one myself...I must say...Bravo on the beard!! Some people just don't know how hard, irritating, and immiserating growing respectful chin-loks can be.

I started off just wanting to comment on what you said about your kids. I've always looked forward to having kids(don't confuse with "dreamed of having kids") and sometimes wonder what they will be like. I've never given thought as to how they would express artistic talent, or, for that matter, if they would even have it. I would think though that it's mind-boggling seeing their different artistic personalities starting to surface. I have a weenie-dog unlike any other dog I've ever had. Never have I seen so much personality and expression in an animal. So I can't imagine how that would be with children.

You seem like you would be one hell of an awesome guy. Especially as a teacher of skills, emotions, and life lessons. I'm sure you are more than an inspiration to those who know you. Stay passionate. Adios Black Bart
LoneWolf5 years ago
What kind of art do you like? (i.e. drawing, painting, sculpting etc.)
l8nite (author)  LoneWolf5 years ago
 Thats a difficult question to answer but thank you for asking. I enjoy working with just about every medium, drawing, painting sculpting, carving. I can draw on glass using a diamond bit in a dremel or just doodle with a pencil. When painting I work primarily in acrylic but also use oil and water colors as well as house paint and even auto paint. Carving in wood or soap or styrofoam, sculpting with recycled alum cans or cement or femo clay. Ive also done landscape and interior design... like I said.. a difficult question to answer.

 I could also interpret your question as to what kind of art I like esthetically.. another difficult question. I don't always understand abstract (even my own)but there are many Ive been drawn to, post modernist, impressionist, I don't like putting art into boxes or labeling a style as my favorite. I can be drawn to a black velvet roadside piece as easily as to a Monet or Remington
 The link is to some of my work if your interested
LoneWolf l8nite5 years ago


I was asking cause' if you liked drawing I had just created a group for people who did. And I did try out the link...............YOU ARE GOOD!!!!!!!!
Oh, and thanks for responding, I didn't realize it was such a loaded question :)
l8nite (author)  LoneWolf5 years ago
send me a link, I'll check it  out. There's a really great site for artists of all mediums and skill levels at numerous subsections including drawing, the ppl r all artists and enjoy helping others explore their potential. I usually end up getting lost for hours there
roldroyd l8nite3 years ago
I look forward to hearing more comments or guidance about making my walking staff. I have collected the wood from a local forest and left it to stand for a few weeks. I guess I have to bite the bullet and just have a go but I am not sure I want the sadness of find that this beautiful is cracking. I there no way I can protect the wood ?
LoneWolf l8nite5 years ago
Haha, yeah I can go to art websites and be their for hours :) Thanks for letting me know.

Alright here's the link, let me know if it
Did my link work for you?
lemonie5 years ago
Your image reminds me of someone, and today I figured out who:
DJ Dave Lee Travis

knuckel lemonie4 years ago
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