How to Draw a Perfect Circle Without a Compass





Introduction: How to Draw a Perfect Circle Without a Compass

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Draw a circle of any size without a compass!

Follow the directions from the video.


Make sure it is the thumb's nail that is touching the paper, as it will be smoother and easier when rotating the paper.

To adjust the size of the circle, simply adjust where you are holding the pencil. The closer you are to the tip of the pencil. The smaller the circle will be.



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    Thats awesome bro!

    NICE trick. Only one question: are you able with smaller circles too? I mean, that was a big circle, and I'm trying to do a perfect(sort of) Fibonacci Sequence.

    awesome that is total G--Unit

    I was told it's impossible to draw a circle without a compass or likewise. Time to prove them wrong! ^^ Congrats on 1st place.

    Wow 1st place (out of the winners:s) congrats!

     How is the camera?

     haha! very cool and helpfull. wont my teachers be amazed lol!

    lol i was amazed first time i saw the trick too

    Very cool! So that's how my Freshman Science teacher made perfect circles!