Step 3: Programming the phone

Picture of Programming the phone
Once you've got the e-mail, turn your phone on.
Now go to the dialer where you'd normally make a call. Enter this number *228 (Asterisk - Two - Two - Eight) and press call.

You'll hear a voice say "Welcome to Verizon Wireless Programming", select 1 for english or 2 for spanish.

You'll then hear "on hold" music and a message will appear on your phone. Just wait until it tells you the phone is programmed.

Now restart the phone, and you'll now have PagePlus on your phone! You MUST make an outgoing call now, in order to activate the phone. Don't worry about having money, you get $2.00 free (If using Kitty Wireless method without porting).

You can now use the Kitty Wireless website to add money to your account and manage your phone.

I hope you enjoyed this instructable, and if you need any help, feel free to ask in the comments.
just askin2 years ago
I have a Samsung Intensity 2 Verizon phone I ported over to Page Plus. The browser didn't work but the mobile email did for a couple of months, then quit. How do I get it going again? Page Plus customer service did everything they could, and said a dealer would have to work on it. How do I flash it over to Page Plus? Just Askin.

Get It Reflashed

aalvarez341 year ago
Could this be done on an iphone 4 ?? Or an s3 which would be easier ??? And if I update or reset the phone will it remove the flash??
gabrush2 years ago
I tried the steps but step 3 when dial *228 snd and msg says i have sim card on phn and wont let me continue.. Any ideas on this issue?
tgienger3 years ago
Has anyone tried this with an Iphone 4?
c_gal3 years ago
Is this just an "activation"? --Or is it actually "flashing" the phone so all the functions work such as MMS and internet?