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In this day of highspeed fiber-optic data networks, there are still people who have no viable way to access the internet, other than using the accursed Dial-up service. I am one of them. My parent's house is too far out for companies like Embarq to consider providing DSL to the residents of my road.

As if that wasn't bad enough, I also own a Xbox 360. 80% of the awesomeness that makes up this console comes from online function, and with the lack of higher-speed internet, you won't get to enjoy that 80 percent.

....well, maybe 60% of the fun. I can help you get to 20% of it though. By making your PC share it's dialup connection with your Xbox 360 (or pretty much anything else with a Ethernet jack), you can access Live.

EDIT 04/22/2008: I just got done talking to a friend on the headset, it was perfect aside from some skipping. Sweet!

EDIT 04/23/2008:
It seems I've made the news sites as well.


But G4 had to be an ass about it:

So this is my comment to them, as posted on the article's page:

Hey all, I'm Dr.Professor from Instructables.

If you had gotten your facts straight and read the last step of the tutorial, "Whatcha Can and Can't Do", you would have read that this isn't meant for multiplayer. It's for the guys and girls who want that DivX update most among other ones, who want to put their gamerscore online or who want to chat with people on their friends list.

Libel hurts. If this got on TV along with the "stupid and useless" part, then I believe you owe my parents and me 6 months of satellite internet, along with the 300 dollar setup cost.

I did this for people with no easy/cheap alternative, and you guys managed to turn it into a PS3 vs. 360 argument splattered with a few hateful comments. If you don't think I'm the author, check the front page of the tutorial. I've edited this letter into the front as a disclaimer for any new visitors.

Sincerely a tad pissed,
-Jake "Biggs" Turner
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mbittle1 year ago

This is neat....although it doesn't apply to me, it IS Useful.

Jusey13 years ago
I'm having problems. I followed everything but when I test my connection, I get an error.

I have Dial-Up and I use AOL 9.5 (I also have AOL Dialer.)

Another thing is, on the list of internet connections I can select there is two others idk about. Please help me out? I want to redeem some codes I have!
Great Instructable, I had Dial-Up for several years and I HATED it with a passion ( I still do) but we have gotten high-speed now and I dont have to worry about this anymore (Thank God) wish i could have found this when we had Dial-Up still
All in all though nice job 5/5
To be more specific it won't recognize my PC and on the network conection it just says Local in the acess.
I'm having the exact same problem as ChazzDv, excat same thing aol and all that. I was able to do that update thing yesterday, but I don't know whats going on. Will somone plaease help me? I really want to get to playing some DLC for Mass Effect 2
SimonRawr4 years ago
How would I do this on a mac?
system preferences>sharing>internet sharing. use a crossover cable to connect the ethernet cord into the mac and xbox, turn internet sharing on, and select ethernet in the list of connections to share the internet connections with. if you have the xbox wifi adapter you could also share the internet via the AirPort.
ChazzDv4 years ago
I have Windows Vista and AOL Dial Up and nothing seems to work!

Whenever I click the "Allow other network users to connect through this PC" box and click OK a message pops up reading, "Sine your service is currently active, the changes wont apply until you dial back up" then I dial up and dial back on and the changes to the Sharing aren't check!

The same thing happened with the LAN IP Addresses, I type them in and I click OK and the box closes and I go back to it and the changes aren't made! Someone help!

Then Whenever I go to join Xbox Live on my Xbox 360 is has a loading screen for a second or two, but then it says cannot find connection so I click on the button that says TEST CONNECTION and the screen goes blank and it goes to this one screen with two options. Test Wired Connection and Test Wireless Connection and both say I dont have the right equipment.

I know its possible to do this for Vista from AOL Dial Up, so someone be a saint and message me or something telling me how I can fix these massive problems!
TimeDroid4 years ago
is dialup suppost to be slow?
junits155 years ago
how did you connect your xbox to the crt?
Jake Turner (author)  junits155 years ago
I used a VGA cable for the 360. CRT's look so much better compared to a traditional tube set.
do you think I could fudge a cable?
Jake Turner (author)  junits155 years ago
You mean build you own? Not without soldering directly to the 360's mobo.
actually if I didnt just buy the super fancy 250GB xbox, soldering directly to the board doesn't sound like a bad idea :)
actually I was planning to get a cheap component cable and chopping that up, I found a good set of instructions to follow
cody7775 years ago
finnaly i dont want use dial up but i can adapt this to use my satalite internets and save 100$
dial up blows
pac man7 years ago
thank you. my parents wont get high speed internet
same here dude my mom is soooo cheap
so is mine i share ur anger
i know i think all parents just have no generosity

well at least mine dont
i regret saying this but ps3 is probably better than xbox 360 cause the modem is built in
i think
ya sorta
well i think we all have to face it......................

dial up sucks!

does anyone agree?
yes it sucks so bad big monkey balls hate it
RoG Kamina5 years ago
Got to say.. None of this info was usefull in getting live working.
First off i can't get my netzero dail up internet to work with my xbox by route it threw my pc to the xbox which pc those to the phonecord.
If you are playing online, will the phone line be messed up and will this work on older computers before xp, past 98
you would never be able to play online with dial up
XWXAXDXEX5 years ago

how u get it vista?

Netscape nice! i used to have compuserve till we got the alltell thing. i h8 the annoying dialing noise lol
godmylord6 years ago
on my comp it says limited or no connection and on my xbox it wont get the ip adress . can u plz help me
try turning off ur fire wall , if that works then u dont have all the ports the 360 requires to connect to live open
im sorry but its almost useless without being able to play multiplayer
etopsirhc5 years ago
O.O TY who ever found this !!!
i bought oblivian GTOY and theirs  HUGE glitch that u cant install
the knights of the nine or shivering isles w/o being hooked up to live
and now that i can i can finally install it =D ( hasnt tested or set it up yet )

bighead54545 years ago
ok this works 100% but it wont download the stinkin update. in i took it to a friends house and hooked it up to wireless and then update would i have to re-update it at my house? or is there a way to make it update with it hooked up to dial-up?
Yeah babe!!! I Thought i was the only one with a dial up connection WE'LL TAKE OVER THE WORLD
yeah! dial-up will rule the world and we will strangle the wireless folks with our long and strong phone cords and laugh as we shoot a pistol and kill 50 ppl at once muahahahahaha

dont worry im working on a prototype for the mega dialup beast

THEN WE WILL RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm the tooth fairy. Oh yeah.

-Lord of randomness
Jake Turner (author)  phant0m_sp00f3ra7 years ago
Hehehe... I'm about to edit in a penny arcade comic about us 56kers....
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