Easiest way to hide any kind of file inside any picture.

100% guarantee: no damage to your system if you preform it properly and according to the given instructions.

Step 1: Set Up:

1. Must have a .zip or .rar compressor.

2. Willingness to learn.

Step 2: Make a New Folder No Your Desktop

Step 3: Move the File (you Want to Hide) to Desktop.

Step 4: Cut and Paste OR Drag and Drop the File (you Want to Hide) Into the New Folder

Step 5: Archive (compress) the File From RAR OR ZIP As Shown in the Picture

Step 6: Place the Picture on Your Desktop (in Which Want to Hide Your File)

Step 7: Open Cmd (command Prompt)

You can open cmd (command prompt) by:

1. pressing windows start key and R.

2. then type cmd and then click OK.

Or just search it in the search bar !

Step 8:

Type following in cmd:

cd desktop

Step 9:

Now type in cmd:

copy /b picturename.jpg + foldername.rar outputfilename.jpg

1. If you used zip to archive the file, then type .zip in the end of your foldername OR if you used RAR then type .rar in the end of you foldername

2. Depending upon which type of picture you use you will have to type its extension name.

(for example : 'jpg' for Jpeg pictures, 'png' for Portable Network Graphics etc.)

3.If you use jpg picture than you will have to type jpg in the end of output file name and same for the others

(e.g png for Portable Network Graphics picture)

Step 10: Now You Have Got the Picture in Which You Have Hidden Your File

preview it if you wish!

Step 11: How to Recover Your Hidden File

1. Open cmd (command prompt) type:

cd desktop

2. Then type:

ren picturefilename.jpg outputfilename.rar

a. Depending upon which type of picture you used you will have to type its extension name in the end of picture file name

(for example : 'jpg' for Jpeg pictures, 'png' for Portable Network Graphics etc.)

b. If you used zip to archive (compress) the file, then type .zip in the end of your outputfoldername OR if you used RAR then type .rar in the end of you outputfoldername

Now you will see your picture file converted into a RAR or Zip file.

Just Exact that file on your desktop and you will find your secret file

Please view the video, if you are having any problems.

<p>awsome thx m8</p>
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<p>Hi. I've just started using the site. How do we vote? Do we click the &quot;Favorite&quot; button, or maybe the &quot;I Made it!&quot; button?</p>
<p>Well, voting is only if the instructable is in a Contest. Only new instructables can be entered in contests, but if it is entered in a contest a orange ribbon looking thing that says &quot;Vote&quot; should appear in the top bar where you can favorite the instructable. Click on that, and it'll show you all the contests you can vote the instructable in. Hope this helps!</p>
<p>OK, got it. Thanks, J!</p>
<p>You're welcome! Welcome to Instructables!</p>
<p>That looks pretty cool. Now all I need are instructions to do that on a Mac!</p>
<p>It's super easy on a Mac and you don't have to do any ZIP or terminal business.<br>Create a folder. Name it sunset.jpg (or whatever you want). When it asks if you want to add the extension .jpg click add. Get the info of any image file (command i) and copy the icon image in the upper left corner. Now get the info of the folder you created and named sunset.jpg and paste the icon image. DONE!</p>
<p>Terminal is the command line of mac, you can do these steps on terminal.</p>
<p>Now I really need a file to hide, because this is to cool not to use :)</p>
<p>I feel the same bro!</p>
<p>#Awesome_tRick #cLeAR_iNstRuCtioNs ........................ #tHuMbS_uP to Harris Naveed</p>
<p>Thank You !!!</p>
<p>Voted! This is a security concern that gmail seems to thwart. I zipped the jpg once more and gmail will not allow it to be attached. I sent it to my coworkers and they couldn't open the new zip. The reason is that they are using the native Windows Explorer to open the file. They need a program like 7zip to open it. Great find!</p>
Very nice tutorial! A friend of mine wrote a python program that can do this. It is fairly simple to write once you understand the .net framework. <br><br>Have a great day and good luck in the hiding places contest!
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That's a lot of step . I would made like thirty folders and give them the same names. But your way is cool never seen it done like that
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<p>Thanks !</p>
<p>coooool I tested you r really coool</p>
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<p>thank U !</p>
Your method is how I learn, visuals. Thank you.
<p>cool bro ... </p>
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<p>This is an old trick that i used 5 years ago. wondering how this got so much popularity today! and this proves how to get popular with existing tricks using instructables</p>
<p>Also run on Desktop.</p>
<p>Cool project. I made a few batch scripts to automate the process check them out and modify as you see fit. Make sure you install Winrar in Program Files (x86) i shared them on File Dropper link below</p><p>&lt;a href=http://www.filedropper.com/steganography&gt;&lt;img src=http://www.filedropper.com/download_button.png width=127 height=145 border=0/&gt;&lt;/a&gt;&lt;br /&gt;&lt;div style=font-size:9px;font-family:Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;width:127px;font-color:#44a854;&gt; &lt;a href=http://www.filedropper.com &gt;file storage online&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/div&gt;</p><p><a href="http://www.filedropper.com/steganography" rel="nofollow">http://www.filedropper.com/steganography</a></p>
<p>you can also hide by </p><p>attrib +h +s <strong>path of filename</strong></p><p>or attrib +h +s <strong>path of folder</strong></p><p>to unhide</p><p>attrib -h -s <strong>path of filename</strong></p><p>or attrib -h -s <strong>path of folder</strong></p>
<p>Yes this is also a way to hide your file but this way dangerous as hell because i bricked my pc doing this!</p>
<p>Great tutorial. A++++</p>
<p>Thanks !</p>
<p>Can you do it on a Macintosh?</p>
I'm. good &quot;suggestion&quot; but at the same time any good tech KNOWS it is funny to have a small JPG image that is EXTREMELY LARGE (you can't hide the file size. maybe for a small text file it is less obvious).<br>
<p>There is a more simple method : 1 create a folder 2. put it somewhere <br>so you can remeber 3. put the files you want to hide 4. change the name <br>with alt code (alt + 999999999(just press more than 4 times) 5. choose <br>custom icon ( there are invisible icons in the brower ) when you see a <br>white spot in between icons press it and it will now be invisible folder !</p>
<p>This is called steganography and there are free tools out there to do this.</p><p><a href="http://resources.infosecinstitute.com/steganography-and-tools-to-perform-steganography/" rel="nofollow">http://resources.infosecinstitute.com/steganograph...</a></p>
<p>Agreed. I remember this in a 90's movie with bitmap image. I am more of a fan of a microfilm image in a stamp.</p>
is there a way to do this in android?
Cool trick..
<p>I think that maybe we can recover the hidden file just by renaming it.</p>
<p>you should mention in the step 1 that you'll have to find Windows somewhere...</p>
<p>Having read many of the comments, I feel like a rank amateur - but, since I'm on a Mac, I'm sure there are ways to get this done. I DO know and use X-code and a bit of Java... Just wanted to send Kudos to ALL 'ible' folks. Over the years, I have used a good number of ideas or adapted them for my use. Just a SHOUT-OUT! ~T~H~A~N~K~S~!~</p>
<p>An oldy but goody.</p><p>Use to take a powerful machine along with deep software to do this trick.</p><p>Now it is very easy.</p><p>Thanks for this :)</p>
<p>and that is how a virus gets on your computer...evil-doer hides virus in image, unsuspecting person downloads image and the rest is history. am I right?</p>
You can't execute an image. Also the random web user doesn't know the command to get the archive back
<p>Here's a tool I wrote that does the same thing, only it hides the file in the actual pixels of the image.</p><p><a href="https://sourceforge.net/projects/hallucinate/" rel="nofollow">https://sourceforge.net/projects/hallucinate/</a></p><p>I haven't updated it in a while, so not all of the quality settings may work, but you can give it a try. I'm also working on the next step in the project which is an app that provides a lot more features, which is why this project has been put on hold. It will be called &quot;MyVate&quot; which is a combination of &quot;My&quot; and &quot;Private&quot;. Look for it next year in the app stores.</p>

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