Most sweaters, hats etc. have a ribbed edge, which stops the knitted piece from curling up. It is also stretchy. If you don't want a stretchy hem or sleeve cuff there is an alternative. It is called the "picot" edge. Here is how to achieve it.

I have cast on 21 stitches for the example in red and 30 stitches for the example in blue, but you would need to cast on the number of stitches given in whatever pattern you may be using.

For the red piece I used 5 mm needles and for the blue 3 mm.
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Step 1: Knit Five rows

Knit 5 rows in stockinette stitch. (i.e. one row plain and one row purl, ending with a plain row) These rows will be the rows that "turn under".

Step 4: Turn the picot edge under to form the flat hem line

With right side of work facing, turn the picot edge under and sew neatly into place. You will see that you have a nice lacy looking edge which will stay flat.
Ellystu3 years ago
Thanks for such a great ible. It's the perfect answer for a couple projects I have in mind :)
Wow, two ibles on the front page at the same time! Congratulations! This looks great, I may have to try it...