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Hi lady! I just realized today I hadn't seen you around in a while. Hope all is well! :D
kwiffen1 year ago
Have just wasted 10 pounds on a finger knitting book that is too difficult for me to follow....came on line and found your pattern.....Fantastic! just knitted up a little finger princess for a little girls birthday today (my friends granddaughter)...easy to follow and added my own touches.... I'm a happy bunny....... :D
I just had to say you make some beautiful things, I am in awe of your knitting talents, I am however going to attempt a pocket fish I will post it if I do, :) thanks for sharing all your fantastic makes
carolynq2 years ago
My first attempt!
I am very pleased with the tea cosy (which works a treat) and very pleased with myself.
Thanks for posting the pattern.
rasta tea cosy.jpg
I have been looking for this tea cosy to knit for a friend as she liked mine that I brought from England. Can you please tell me what yarn you used as it doesn't say in the pattern. Thank you
stinkymum (author)  Britincanada5 years ago
I use oddments of yarn from my stash, but double knitting is o.k. Don't use something too thick or too thin and you will be o.k.
It would have been my 42nd wedding anniversary on the same day as yours(if I have stayed married to my first hubby) Congratulations
stinkymum (author)  Britincanada5 years ago
Wow! I was married at 3:00 p.m. on that day. It had been raining right up until 2.45 p.m. and then the sun came out. It was in London (England)
sacerda5 years ago
i loved your flower instructables im going to use them in friends wedding. thanks a million!
stinkymum (author) 5 years ago
It's my 42nd wedding anniversary today! Hooray!
n8man5 years ago
50 great instructables in 7 months, amazing
Doctor What6 years ago
Hello, stinkymum. Where did you come up with that name? btw, I love your creations.
I agree! Great Creations!!! Oh, and even though you've spent 4 months here already, Welcome!
I LOVE. LOVE the octopus you made. Ima learn how to knit JUST so i can make him.
stinkymum (author)  Doctor What6 years ago
It was my eldest son's idea. He took the name Stinky Pete for an e-mail address and thought we should all be stinky whatevers. Of course, he gave up the name, but I was stuck with it! No one else in the family joined in either! I don't mind, I always think it stands for Stinky Chrysanthemum, rather than the other variety of mom! Also it's easy to remember....