How to Locate Pinhole Cameras





Introduction: How to Locate Pinhole Cameras

The method for locating pinhole cameras is the same as the method for locating field spiders. All you need is a source of light like a flashlight and decent eyesight. It also helpful to have a toilet paper tube.

Step 1: Get a Tube

Find a tube that's good for looking through. A cardboard tube from a roll of toilet paper or paper towels is best.

Step 2: Get a Flashlight

All you need is a flashlight or something that you can use to focus a beam of light in a dark room. Attaching a couple of directional LEDs to the outside of the cardboard tube can work also if you don't have a flashlight.

Step 3: Look Through It.

With one hand, hold up the toilet paper tube to your eye. With your other hand, hold up the flashlight at about eye level and point it away from you. With one eye, look through the tube and scan the room. If there are any small points of light bouncing back, inspect it further. It might be a camera.

Step 4: I Found One.

If you found a camera, it can be easily disabled simply by putting something in front of it. If it is in the wall, hang a poster over it. If it is in something like a flower pot, put a box in front of it.

Or you could just unplug it, but that would make it very clear that you know they're spying on you.



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    Sometimes your shopping experience can without difficulty be marred via the hidden digital camera in the trial room which data you at your barest to feed some sick person’s delusion.

    How to detect a hidden camera in trial room @

    Nice Instructable.... but....

    "Or you could just unplug it, but that would make it very clear that you know they're spying on you."

    Wouldn't they get suspicious when you "further inspect" any place where light was bouncing off? If they're looking at the monitor(s) while you're looking directly at the camera, I'm pretty certain they're gonna know you know.

    Unfortunately, there's almost no way you're gonna be certain that someone isn't "watching" you (other then painting everything over and buying new furnishings).

    I was just thinking that, too. how far away do they have to be to use these cameras where would the receivers be? are they (cameras) run on electricity or by battery? would flipping off the electricity shut off the camera? Yup, I'm paranoid, very. i moved into a little town filled with people that never leave their houses......found 3 marijuana plants IN OUR BACKYARD. this town spooks me

    Marijuana grows wild in many places. I'm told it doesn't have the chemicals to get you high.

    I don't care what anyone or any site says marijuana growing in the wild can get u high as a kite but it will mostlikely be seeded and will not produce nearly as much or as nice of Buds .

    lol , Marijuana grow with the chemical to get you high NORMALY .

    Use chewing gum instead
    When u enter a trail room and u noticed a black hole around just insert some of your chewing gum on it ?

    what's the point of this instructable? i mean is this common that you have pinhole spy cameras all over your houses and you must find a special way of finding them?

    try thinking pervs in a hotel

    Ive got to thank you Jake-off for your great idea. I have now made $1M from recording hotel fun with hidden cameras and selling the content to a japanese company (all legal as recorded in a country with no privacy laws). In the early days the cameras were difficult to conceal but now I have 4 running at HD in devices that have a 4 hour battery life in objects that no one has ever suspected. My agent now wants me use drones as well. Anyway, I owe you a few JDs !