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kchapfika2 years ago
good stuff.
astroboy9074 years ago
Haha this is just awesome. Read little brother (good book btw) and was watching someones video here, and saw your name pop up in the creds. I was surprised, then went on a hunch and searched you! This is awesome. Wonder if there is a M1k3y...
yup, agreed!
noobduino4 years ago
double-you one nee five tee zero nee as Benson calls u or Winston i would give u a patch because the idea of instuctibles account based of a book as AWESOME little brother but i do not have a pro membership so i can not send a patch
I'll send a patch in your place, this guy's work is just inspiring!
glandu4 years ago
hahaha i was looking at a post by you and saw your name and i asked if it was from little brother so i clicked on your name and lmao when i saw u used every thing from the book(:
cann1du4 years ago
wherever you are gone ?
unanonymous5 years ago
if youre cory doctorow did you really do that red cape and goggles promotional stunt for xkcd? that was hilarious. ps are you really building a blogosphere
Are you really Cory Doctorow? The book Little Brother is so GREAT! The only thing missing from the book is how to make a burning laser and how to pick locks.
 He is Bruce Shneiner. (I think thats how you spell it)
 Is it on Kindle? Pleeez!
 nevermind, I found it on Craphound.
9309135 years ago
All of his books are free in nearly all online formats
I love Little Brother! I swear, I've read the book so many times I'm gonna have it memorized soon! I got just a tad paranoid after reading it, but of course that's unavoidable. This is the only book I've ever read more than twice. Usually, I read a book and I can't stand it again. But Ive read it about 20 times now. Also, it's kinda creepy, but all my friends say my personality matches up with Marcus's perfectly. I don't think so, but Van, Jolu, and Darryl remind me so much of my best friends from school, and Ange reminds me of my girlfriend. All these Instructables are awesome!
I think this Instructables page is also appropriate here:


I haven't tried it out yet, but it definitely looks like a project that w1n5t0n would know a thing or two about.