Here's a simple tutorial on how to make your own cellophane wings for your favorite costume!

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Step 1: Materials

What you'll Need!

1. Galvanized steel wire I tend to use 12 gauge.
Something stiff enough to hold it's shape but easy enough to cut and shape.

2. Floral tape, I tend to use black, but you can use different colors depending on the color wings you are making

3. Wire cutters

4. hot glue gun & glue

5. Spray bond sprayable glue, you can get it in the quilt section of the fabric store.

6. Cellophane roll you can get fancy with multiple colors.

7. heat gun, Iron or stove burner.

8. long matches, incense, or a wood burning tool.
This is my FIRST completed instructable yaaaaay! Great instructions, thank you! I learned a lot & will continue wing-making ?
<p>Great job!</p>
<p>Great instructable and beautiful wings. I made two pair this Halloween with red LED lights in the armature for my wife and I. I also made a harness for mine (not pictured) though we just tucked her's into her corset. They were a big hit, albeit a bit hard to navigate crowded spaces with!<br><br>A few words of warning for anyone taking this project on and to keep in mind next time I make another pair. Not all spray adhesives are made alike; I used one that was advertised for use on plastic but was more like a watery white glue that did not stick or dry between the cellophane. Also, use tape sparingly, it's amazing how much weight it can add if not done in thin layers.</p><p>Again, great instructable and thanks!</p>
Is there a video you recommend for installing leds for wings?
Hi Ruth. No videos that I know of, I just used battery operated led lights (I measured the length I needed against my wings) and used the tape to incorporate them.
<p>A while ago I did a pair of similar wings using clear self-adhesive. It will make the wings slightly heavier, but it is so easy to work with (I had lots of troubles with different spray adhesives). To cut down the weight:<br>- use cellophane as a second layer<br>- use wire for the outer frame only; the lines inside can be traced with thread: it sticks easily to the film, there's no need to hurry while you're doing it, and it's easy to correct the lines if they turn out wrong</p>
Do you have pictures of wings with thread?
<p>Im so excited to make a pair!! I'm going to comic con in september , it's my first convention and my first cosplay! Any tips for heating around the frame? I hope I can get my hands on a reasonably priced heat gun in time, the iron makes me nervous </p>
<p>I got mine at michael's craft store for something like $15. You don't want a really hot gun so the ones for gift wrap are just fine.</p><p>Good luck!</p>
<p>WHERE can I buy cellophane?</p>
Michael's crafts, JoAnne Fabrics, Hobby Lobby? or do an online search.
Wow! Great job!
<p>i so much love your costumes,especially the blue ones.....</p>
<p><a href="https://www.instructables.com/member/zymurgeneticist/" rel="nofollow">zymurgeneticist</a> Great Job! they look adorable!</p><p>I use basting spray for fabrics. I think they one I am using right now is Aleen's brand.</p>
<p>This is EXACTLY the tutorial I've been searching for, thank you! </p><p>My hairdryer gets pretty hot, but not as hot as the embossing gun [I USED to have :-(]. Do you think it would work for the heat shrinking step?</p>
<p>Thanks for the easy instructions...we will be making our tinkerbell and friends wings for our party this October....thank you so so mucho!!!! </p>
<p>I'm in the process of making a pair...or two for my niece absolutely fascinated by her fairies and my daughter. However if I may ask is there better or worse resin materials out there that people have worked with? maybe even flexible since my little one is only 2.5 shes bound to smack and smoosh them on things :) its that or I was thinking of going lameo for her and go with the flat thick vinyl with padded sewed edges like the Tinkerbell costumes sold at department stores but I know once she sees her cuzies shes gunna freak!</p>
Thank you so much for posting this!!! These are the best looking wings I've found. The instructions were easy to follow and the supplies were easy to find. They will make my daughters fairy costume perfect.
You are welcome!<br>I hope she has a magical Halloween!
I just made these with my daughter and we love them! Thanks! Any tips for how to lash them together/wear them?
I make mine to slip into a bra or corset, howeer you can make loops in wire and floral tape them to the frame, make sure the wire wraps around the frame at least once for stability, and then tie ribbons through the loops for straps.
Thanks for posting such a great instructable!
you're welcome, thank you for enjoying it!
<br>I am curious how to do the resin coating? Could you tell me how to do that? What kind of resin do you use? Epoxy or fiberglass? Do you brush it on?
Really nice. Thanks for sharing.
janel ur backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk=D im sooooo happy :)
ha ha ha.<br>I have another one in the process also on a victorian jacket.
Very creative! The wings are amazing! Thanks for sharing.<br>sunshiine
thank you, and you're welcome!
you're welcome, thank you for the comment!
I have seen other cellophane wings, but your instructions are quite clear and fun to follow. Not to mention, beautiful as well.<br><br>Wonderful!<br>
Thank you!<br>I found a lot of the other ones were a bit hard to follow, so I tried to<br>put in the things I have learned from trial and error.<br><br>I'm glad it came across as easy to follow!<br><br>:)
Sweet wings! They remind me of the ones worn by <a href="http://www.twigthefairy.com">Twig the Fairy</a> and her friend Zinnia the Fairy!
These look amazing and our outfits are just stunning! Great work!
thank you so much!

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