How to make The Internet (from The IT Crowd).



This is my first instructable since I was born, so without further ado, let us begin!
In this instructable, I will show you how to make THE INTERNET.

The Internet was first shown in public in The IT Crowd, Series 3, Episode 4.

Consisting of a mysterious black box with a flashing red indicator LED, the power of the world is contained within.

Fun facts about the internet!

1. The internet is surprisingly small!
2. The internet is wireless!
3. The internet is very light! (of course the internet doesn't weigh anything!)
4 The internet lives at the top of Big Ben! (where it gets the best reception)
5. Before being borrowed, it MUST be demagnetised! Preferably by a Grand Master of The Internet such as Stephen Hawking.

Every part of this project was purchased from Maplin. I will list the components and order codes for your ease of use in the next step.

Having recently got back into electronics after a hiatus, I decided to set myself an easily accomplishable task.
For those getting into electronics and want something fun, geeky and slightly obscure, then this instructable is for you!

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Step 1: Parts, Pieces and Prices

Picture of Parts, Pieces and Prices
All the parts of this project were purchased from Maplin Electronics, here follows a list of the parts with order codes in brackets and prices.
I hope I don't have to tell you that these prices can and will change in time so don't be surprised if it costs a couple of quid more in a few months...

Black ABS Box (BZ75) x 1 @  £3.99
Strip board (JP46) x 1 @ £1.46
Solid core wire (BL94) x 1 @ £1.99
High efficiency red 5mm LED (uk48) x 1 @ £0.49
Chrome LED bezel (N88AX) x 1 @ £1.19
NE555 timer (QH66) x 1 @ £0.59
330 ohm 0.6W resistor (M330R) x 1 @ £0.17
1M ohm 0.6W resistor (M1M) x 2 @ £0.17
1uF 100V electrolytic capacitor(VH16) x 1 @ £0.13
CR2032 holder (L01AC) x 2 @ £0.59
CR2032 (ZB74) x 2 @ £2.99

I believe that's everything...
The total is £17.51, if I've added correctly. The most expensive parts are the box and the batteries. I could have bought them from somewhere other than maplin, and most likely somewhere cheaper (ebay for example), but I'm lazy and wanted to get everything I needed from the one place!
(side note: being that this project marks my return to electronics, I also had to buy a soldering iron, stand and solder... this fast became an expensive flashing box!)

Linksep4 years ago
Why not just spend $1.49 on a self blinking LED from RadioShack? Hook it to Battery and it's done.
Sorry, ignorant American here. Do they have Radio Shack outside of the US?
Ignorant American here too... I didn't look 'till just now.  They have Radio Shack in the Americas (North, Central, South) and the Middle East. None in Europe.

In any event, you could get the same thing from whatever store is your country's version of Radio Shack. If there's nothing similar near you there is always ebay or other websites to buy from.
Buy one in maplin and it'll cost you £5.00
Used to be called RS in Canada, but now it's The Source.
eatplastik4 years ago
 'If you type 'google' into google, you'd break the internet' hahahahahahahaha 

But it's ok, because you can fix it by turning it off and on again..
pyro5153 years ago
Haha I love the inside joke about the led about its legs being spread apart waiting to be penetrated xD
mcolosim3 years ago
A fun addition would to change the rate at which it blinks to look data coming through
barista3 years ago

Sorry got carried away there.
I have a bunch of salvaged components including a 10mm LED with a chrome bezel already on it. All I'll need to buy is the case.
I'm gonna make one and put it on my desk at work and tell everyone "That? Oh, THAT's The Internet". I might even put it in a museum-style glass case! I'll post pics when finished.
Nice work.

(Season 4 on Channel 4 in the UK now BTW)
kesanam4 years ago
is this instructible really true or it's a funny thing. i cant' understand all the above comments. can we really get a wireless free internet.
no its just a prop from an episode
Gubban kesanam3 years ago
Dr.Bill kesanam4 years ago
cattrain4 years ago
 Thank you for the guide. I just built my first internet, and my first electronic project. The guide was simple enough to understand, and complicated enough to learn from. I look forward to building more stuff in the future!
Oliveman4 years ago
 Fools! It's a series of tubes! This is not a series of tubes!
hazza_11254 years ago
 The ELDERS of the Internet would never allow this!
Wait a sec......The elders of the internet? THE ELDERS OF THE INTERNET KNOW WHO I AM???!!!!!!

lol, thank u so much! :)
MaXoR4 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
limpfish MaXoR4 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
Fashim limpfish4 years ago
What about the Be Nice Policy?
Thank you so much
Uhhh - I doubt that I would EVER laugh at "Big Bank Theory".  To each his own, I guess.
MaXoR limpfish4 years ago
BTW I'm canadian... have you seen some of our T.V. Shows..... I get that style of humor.
No, we don't get many Canadian shows (for that is the way round capitalization should be, forgive my pedantry, call me Sheldon Cooper if you like), can you recommend some?
Well there is Bob and Doug, then a cartoon called Chilly Beach, going back you have SNL (Saturday Night Live), and then all our weird BBC documentaries.

Canadians are pretty weird.... But so friendly, and in my case, opinionated, to a passionate point!
MaXoR limpfish4 years ago
Well, I didn't say it was not funny, I just can't believe so many love that episode, or even that show... I watched a few more episodes to get a better opinion before my original post, and still can't see why it is so.... popular?!

It offers nothing to stimulate my mind, I guess I just like to be educated while entertained.... or at least kept inside reality. Sorry that my post made you so... agitated.
Canadian eh...?

Nice rant. Wrong place. Instructables is full of British Comedy show lovers, and yes, your list of things truly is a thing of beauty for pointing out the degredations of our world, but relating something that is extremely funny (to some) against some lame and pathetic items is a little sad. You are right having "laughter" and "helpful" in the same sentence, but all sincere laughter is what is good, not laughter in the face of somethign that is not "something to laugh about", unless of course that "something" is infact a serious matter that no one should be laughing about.

Yes I have read your other comment not saying this show is not funny, just over loved but you either express your feelings with an over zealous attitude, or you change your views on something half way through. I would prefer the second, for your sake, that way you can at least see the good in something even after striking it down, spitting on it and stamping on it's face numerous times.

<end of anti-rant>
You make good points, and I guess I do get passionate to an extreme at times during my rants. I don't know how I'm changing my views half way through however, even re-read my posts.

Well I guess that is why we all get our own opinion, eh?

Well it is good to express ones views so others may get a broader view on certain subjects, I'm just happy that this thread has not consumed itself in an over eventful flame war.

Well done sir.
wibbly01 MaXoR4 years ago
Hoo  BOY, MaXoR - I hope this post was just you having a very bad day and that you really don't hate everything and everybody, cuz that's just not good. If a black box with a light Instructable leads to thoughts of "one world", maybe this isn't the board for ye.

Me, I'm wonderin' how to best learn basics of electricity so's I can make some of this COOL Instructables stuff and trick my preteen! <insert evil laugh> 
DSCF0744 - Copy.JPG
I dunno - I've been in IT for 25 years and I'm good with being a nerd. I've worked with IT 'nerds' who were Navy SEALS and Force Recons or tank commanders in their prior lives. The finest DBA nerd I ever knew was a former opera singer. The best UNIX guy flew helicopter 'air ambulances' on his off shifts.

We're a diverse group with interests spanning biotech and mechanical hearts to computers, the internet, and electronic Homeland security. Who wouldn't want to be part of that community?

And besides, if aggravated we can send your direct deposit to the Bank of Rangoon. Your computer will dial back to 10mbs and periodically go to sleep when PowerPoint is running and an external projector is detected. 

We can create and implement an algorithm that sends a certain manager's printed output to the printer on the farthest side of a 223 acre plant - regardless of the originating point. Not that I'd know anything about that.

Nerds and Grrl Geeks rule—'cause when you hit Return and nothing happens, 99% of the population has no idea what to do next!
I just think the general population doesn't use it in the context we do.
I bet you're Moss's mum, aren't you, MaXor?
Dunno who moss is, probably better off not knowing. Did my statement offend you?
johncaa MaXoR4 years ago
Moss is the geek from The IT Crowd. I'm from South America and I see The It Crowd, two and a half men and The big Bang theory. This are the best comic show that I been seen.
chrisw92 MaXoR4 years ago
moss is the geekest one (with the small afro)
MaXoR chrisw924 years ago
thnx for that
Fuzz2050 MaXoR4 years ago
not your statement, only your lack of humour
MaXoR Fuzz20504 years ago
lol, sorry, guess I just was still bored from watching a couple of those episodes, I'll attempt to spice things up next time I see you around.

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