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Since it has been too hot to go outside most days this summer my toddler and I have been making a lot of crafts. Just this week we have painted shells, made a dolphin mask, decorated doughnuts and done a slew or paint with water pictures. On a recent internet search for some new and exciting crafty fun I stumbled upon rubbing plates. Remember Fashion Plates from when we were kids? These are kind of the same thing except for much younger kids. Rubbing Plates are pieces of hard plastic with raised images that you run your crayon over. I started to buy Tallulah a new set for $12, but then had a thought about trying to make my own. With just a handful of supplies a new indoor summertime activity was created.

Step 1: Supplies

Aleene’s Quick Dry Glue
Oh my! I was just looking for easy printing stuff to do with neighborhood kids... and happen to have maybe a dozen bottles of sticky glue left over from another use. Yay! Thank you!!
Thanks for sharing!
Very clever!

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