How to make a Bogota Rake from bra underwire, or Bragota; a how-to.

Picture of How to make a Bogota Rake from bra underwire, or Bragota;  a how-to.
This instructable is dedicated to the mysterious art of lockpicking. In it, you will learn how to take a section of bra underwire, and turn it into a matched pair of Bogota Rakes.
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Step 1: What the heck is a bogota rake, and why do I desperately need one?

Picture of What the heck is a bogota rake, and why do I desperately need one?
Let's begin with what this device is and how it is used. 

A bogota rake is a special variety of lockpick designed by a brilliant lockpicker by the name of Raimundo. He named the pick after the bogota mountains, because of their sharp peaks and rounded valleys. A rake is a term used to describe a lockpick that has peaks and valleys, and is used to manipulate the pins in a lock by 'raking' (moving the pick in and out) against the pins. A bogota rake is used slightly differently, described by Raimundo as a “jittery motion”, as though the user had consumed too much coffee.

If you are planning on making these, I will assume you know how to pick a lock already, if not, checkout youtube and search for bogota rake.

Take a moment to look at the template above. The advantage of a bogota rake may not be immediately apparent, but using one will make you a true believer. The speed at which most common pin tumbler locks fall prey to this set is extraordinary.  

Step 2: Materials and whatnots.

Picture of Materials and whatnots.
BogotaMaking (1).JPG
Here is a list of things you will need:

1.) Bra Underwire.
2.) Diagonal Cutters.
3.) Chainsaw Sharpening File. I picked up a 3 pack of different sizes from Harbor Freight for like 5 bucks.
4.) Pliers. Anything will work really. I like vise grips, but feel free to use whatever you have laying around.
5.) Needle Files. Again, purchased from harbor freight for a pittance.
6.) Wet/ Dry Sandpaper. Get the black stuff, silicon carbide. Assorted grit pack from Harbor Freight cost very little. 
7.) One thing I have not pictured here is a bastard file. You can get by without it though.

This is a suggested list, however, I assure you that you can make these beauties with various tools. Feel free to make substitutions based on what you have at hand.

Finally made it and it looks like crap compared to yours. But I got in my door within 10 seconds on the first shot. Great instructable!

sweet. how about you make me a pair instead lol. will give this a shot
onrust2 years ago
Underwire........ you are putting WAY to much thought into this AND at the wrong times!
hailtothkngbby (author)  onrust1 year ago
Ha! Oh how I wish it was as simple as my mind wandering. I have an issue throwing stuff away, and apparently bras are not made to last. So, my thriftiness and bras disposability made it only natural that I would have to find a use for the metal in them.
bimmer311 year ago
That must have taken a steady hand. Props for that. It's crazy what you can make lock picks out of. I went on a google spree after seeing this and I found instructions to make temporary lockpicks out of paperclips.
hailtothkngbby (author)  bimmer311 year ago
Love field-expedient tools! :D
donkeyknee1 year ago
Thats nice...
hailtothkngbby (author)  donkeyknee1 year ago
Pat_Maroney2 years ago
King, If you have a local bike shop or REI they can order you packs of flat spokes if you ask. I work at REI and know they will. I should also mention they are made of some pretty solid steel.
I need to build a deadbolt rig and practice more with my set. So far I've only been successful at my house.
hailtothkngbby (author)  Pat_Maroney2 years ago
I will have to check them out. I'm always looking for new supplies of steel to make more picks. Thanks!
Some parts from laser printer cartridges may also work. :)
Pat_Maroney2 years ago
Great instructable! I just made a set from a pair of blade style bike spokes and thy work pretty great!
hailtothkngbby (author)  Pat_Maroney2 years ago
Excellent! I'm glad they work, I have never tried the flat bike spokes. Maybe in the near future I can find and repurpose some.
mce1282 years ago
That set looks to have come out nicely! The curve on the pick shaft is a bit odd, but I must admit curiosity as to how that affects utility... does it help, impede, or is it neutral in its effect on use? Personally, I'd think it might detract from the function, but that is only speculation based on how the normal bogota interacts with the pins. It may very well prove to be beneficial. I think I may have to make a set with a curve on it like that to find out how they work for me.

Also, DIY bogotas always make me think of the BIGGOTA I made for MBI over at Keypicking as part of a novelty pick set I did for him (The lightning bolt is pretty cool too.) There is a pic of it in the following thread over there:
hailtothkngbby (author)  mce1282 years ago
LMBO, where have I seen a comment similar to this?
Similar yes, identical, no... But regardless, nice work. Nice 'ible too!
hailtothkngbby (author)  mce1282 years ago
Thanks a ton!
Document the process of making it that is.
hailtothkngbby (author)  mce1282 years ago
Not this time. I will however. My better half has a call out to all the girls she knows to save me the underwires. Im sure they'll find it creepy. I will say, After playing around with the reach-diamond, I may like it even more than the bogotas.
You didn't happen to document the other pick you made from the rest of the underwire did you?
hailtothkngbby (author)  mce1282 years ago
The bragotas are excellent, I have 3 pairs of them. I carry a pair every day in a duct tape pouch that is inside the belt case for my leatherman. I have used them on many occasions to pop an old master lock or some knockoff that a friend or family member has lost the key for. Also, they work on the crappy wafer lock in my filing cabinet at work. I have gotten to my precious drawer full of tea on many occasions using these, when I forget the key. I have yet to try them on anything heavy-security but they are wonderful on every lock I own. The curvature actually comes up aces, if you see the design by Raimundo, he has a bend right before the twist in the shaft of the pick, the curvature of the underwire does this for you and makes it superlatively comfortable. The curve is so slight though overall that I have noticed no difference at the business end of the pick between these and ones that I have made of sweeper bristle and wiper blade.
This is amazing!
You are too kind. :) I owe you one!
This is awesome! What a cool upcycle for bra underwire.
hailtothkngbby (author)  audreyobscura2 years ago
Thanks for the feedback!