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The LITTER KIT is pure GENIUS!....but for those of us in a big city with no access to grinders, work rooms or power tools, but a BIG desire to clean up the world around us, where can we go to buy one of these set-ups for our own broom handles??? Please let us know if you start selling them! I'll take TWO! ...and I'll share the Hell out of it on Facebook! Best wishes, Sybil Bruncheon.

jmsherndon2 years ago
i saw recently that you posted a comment about a snake whip with wire rope core really would love to see an intrsuctible on that
hailtothkngbby (author)  jmsherndon1 year ago
I would love to make an instructable on this, unfortunately, the plaiting of a decent whip takes hours upon hours, and I have not had the time. Sorry!
hi what is your geocaching name? as you liked my geocaching instructables???
KenGriffin6 years ago
Hey, I just started a Ubuntu Group, and I would love if you joined. Thanks! -Ken
hailtothkngbby (author)  KenGriffin6 years ago
I'm in!
pinkiesk8tr6 years ago
can u post sm duct tape stuff??
hailtothkngbby (author)  pinkiesk8tr6 years ago
Sure, I've been pretty busy, but I'll throw some stuff up as soon as I get a break!