Step 3: Creating the Ears

There are two general sizes for Deadmau5 ears – the rounder ears measure 13”x13”, the oval ears measure 13”x14”. Multiply your desired ear dimensions by .214 to get downsized measurements for your ornament and sketch the ear shape out create a paper template. Once you are satisfied with the shape of ear on your template, trace the outline onto your piece of foam sheet and cut out with scissors. Sand edges smooth and even with sandpaper.

While you have the sandpaper out, go ahead and lightly sand entire surface of ornament globe to prep for glittering, and help ears adhere firmly. Also sand *both sides* of the piece left over from cutting the mouth opening; sanding both sides of the mouth will create a refraction of light, giving a even glow to the light that shines through the mouth.

Attach ears with a thin bead of hot glue, and position on head approximately 3/16” behind the seam of the front and back of the ornament halves. Angle them ever so slightly back at the top. After the glue has cooled and set on the ears, trim any excess that has oozed out from under the edge with a razor blade. You may now cut the hole to allow a Christmas tree light to be inserted into the back of the head. Drill a hole in the back of the head, approximately 1/3 of the way down the sphere. A diameter of about ¼’ should accommodate most lights, but test fit against the ones on your tree to confirm. Sand any rough edges smooth.

How do you male it light up
<p>how do you light it up?</p>
How much can I buy one off of you for
I am making this but am using it for my DT project and am putting it on a body and i am in the process of making it thanks :)
I'm going to make one to hang from my rear-view mirror.
Great idea! That way you can enjoy it year-round =) Please post pics when you get it made, I'd love to see it!
Interesting but what is a Deadmau5 ?
:( Where have you been..., Deadmau5 also known as Jole Thomas Zimmerman is a Canadian electro/house music producer, He got his name when he was replacing his computers video card and he found a dead mouse, First he became known as &quot;That dead mouse guy&quot; later he changed his name to &quot;Dead Mouse&quot; Which evolved into Deadmau5... He has many songs and just recently came out with a new album 4x4=12. If i were to recommend a song for you to listen to it would be &quot;Ghost n Stuff&quot; one of his more commonly known songs.<br><br>Hope this helped,<br><br>~King
&quot;I remember&quot; is even more known (at least in holland maybe not in the USA) but that's with kaskade, I actually like Deadmau5 VERY much, even bought the itunes deluxe edition of his new album!<br><br>Nice TUT :D maybe trying this!<br>-Nils-
Hi..<br><br>Does anyone know where you can actually get the baubles from?<br><br>Ive trawled for a while and can't find them... And yeah, I've looked on Michaels.<br><br>Thankew!
You should be able to find them in store at Michael's, they do not sell them online. <br><br>I have also seen them in the holiday/craft section of JoAnn fabric stores<br><br>Hope this helps!
Ahh that would explain it.. <br><br>I'm based in the UK so trying to find them has been hard.<br><br>All sorted now though =D
For anybody wanting Plexiglass/ Acrylic in go to: <br><br>http://www.plexiglas-shop.com/EN/en/index.htm?expa=PLEXIGLAS.EN<br><br>Got mine there :D<br><br>( Good for people based in the UK/ Europe )
man that is soo kool i was thinking of making something similar but with like one of those mini disco balls good job i love deadmau5 XD u should send him one since he has a mailing address for his fans to send him stuff
you can send him that at this address <br>deadmau5 po box<br>c/o 119 Spadina Ave.<br>P.O. BOX 96<br>Toronto, ON<br>CANADA<br>M5T 2T3<br>seriously! that his mailing addy
Cool sounds like my kind of stuff but I do have to apologize for my lack of remembering names. I even get the names of things mixed up too. I'm usually terrible at that. But I'm sure I probably listened to that type of electro someplace.

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