Step 3: Creating the Ears

There are two general sizes for Deadmau5 ears – the rounder ears measure 13”x13”, the oval ears measure 13”x14”. Multiply your desired ear dimensions by .214 to get downsized measurements for your ornament and sketch the ear shape out create a paper template. Once you are satisfied with the shape of ear on your template, trace the outline onto your piece of foam sheet and cut out with scissors. Sand edges smooth and even with sandpaper.

While you have the sandpaper out, go ahead and lightly sand entire surface of ornament globe to prep for glittering, and help ears adhere firmly. Also sand *both sides* of the piece left over from cutting the mouth opening; sanding both sides of the mouth will create a refraction of light, giving a even glow to the light that shines through the mouth.

Attach ears with a thin bead of hot glue, and position on head approximately 3/16” behind the seam of the front and back of the ornament halves. Angle them ever so slightly back at the top. After the glue has cooled and set on the ears, trim any excess that has oozed out from under the edge with a razor blade. You may now cut the hole to allow a Christmas tree light to be inserted into the back of the head. Drill a hole in the back of the head, approximately 1/3 of the way down the sphere. A diameter of about ¼’ should accommodate most lights, but test fit against the ones on your tree to confirm. Sand any rough edges smooth.