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BlackIce7793 years ago
Hey, i love the idea of making the deadmau5 head, but i think its time to update (as you said to me on twitter) and see if you can get supplies in like australia and england and where-ever else. lol
skeester453 years ago
Hello Intrica - incredible 'ible! I have read every comment and have spent countless hours planning, but I am having a great deal of trouble with convering the head. Any additional suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I am using the fabric you linked, so it is forgiving, but I am sure i need a seam. Could you post a pic of what your seam typically looks like and its location? It sure would be appreciated.
WillMau55 years ago
Hello I Was Just Woundering Would You Sell One Of These?
Yes, $350.
Hey love the guide but had one question. in the eye installing step they are white but final product they are yellow. did you buy the yellow ones like that or paint them,if you painted them how did you do it? oh and what kind of tape did you use for the X's on them?
gurias5 years ago
Heyy bro how much would you sell for the blue mau5 head in the pic??:) I've gone to eBay but everyone makes them so expensive:(
Intrica (author)  gurias5 years ago
they are expensive because they cost a lot in materials and take a whole full time week to build. what do you think something that takes a whole work-week to build should cost?
ZOMB!E5 years ago
Hey how much would you charge for a simple mau5 head with light up eyes?
I would buy one, too!! Pls send me a mail to Deadmau5hibo@hotmail.de

Would be fckin nice ♥