Picture of How to make a Pac-Man ghost lamp
In this instructable, I will show you how to make a Pac-Man ghost lamp.

To be precise, we will create small ghost lamp shades to turn a boring spotlight system into a great looking Pac-Man themed lamp.

You will need:
- plastic bottles with the right shape
- a lamp, preferably a halogen spotlight system
- some white and black plastic
- spray paint in red, pink, cyan and orange

Once you found the right bottles and a nice lamp, this project will take about 2 x 2 hours.
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Step 1: Finding the right bottle

Picture of Finding the right bottle
At first, you have to find a plastic bottle with the right shape. Unless your supermarket has a section for ghost shaped bottles, this will be a bit of a treasure hunt.

You are looking for a bottle that has a cylindrical shape with a round top. If you happen to be in Germany, you can look for the brand "Kneipp".

Buy one bottle for each ghost you plan to make, plus one or two spares, just in case.

Step 2: Find the right lamp

Picture of Find the right lamp
The second part of the treasure hunt is the search for the right lamp. I went for a MAGNESIUM spotlight system from IKEA.

As the plastic bottles will act as lamp shades, the light bulb should not dissipate to much heat and the shades should not touch the light bulbs directly. You could also use bare halogen sockets if you make some kind of spacer. Or you could use LEDs to avoid the whole heat issue.

Step 3: Cut the bottle

Picture of Cut the bottle
After you have emptied your water bottles, it's time to cut them.

To get an even shape, it's advisable to create a template on paper and use it to mark lines for cutting on the bottles.

Make the cut on the bottom first. You can use a sharp pair of scissors or a cutter knife.

The top of the bottle is the strongest part of the bottle and gives it its stability. You can use a cutter knife for the top too, but a rotary tool aka. Dremel is probably better suited for the job.
foobear2 years ago
Don't the halogen's get awfully hot? Did the bottles melt?
danielhepper (author)  foobear2 years ago
It depends on the lamp you use. With lamp from IKEA is used, the halogen bulbs already have metal shades with a plastic housing. I never had problems with the bottles melting, but YMMV with bare halogen bulbs.
breumer3 years ago
Wow!! That's realy awesom! What a great idea! I'm olso going to make these!
Thanks for sharing !
Its SOOOOOO cute!

(And adorable!)
artworker3 years ago
Nice idea!
Also cut a pie from a yellow plastic ball and make the protagonist!
kwoodham3 years ago
So cute! This would look great in a kids' room!
splazem3 years ago
adr9903 years ago
Nice and easy!

Thanks for sharing.
ChrysN3 years ago
squaredc3 years ago
I agree. I like the idea and you present it very clearly. You did a great job.
scoochmaroo3 years ago
Fantastic, I love it!
danielhepper (author)  scoochmaroo3 years ago
Thanks! I'm glad you like it!