How to Make a RPG-7 Prop.





Introduction: How to Make a RPG-7 Prop.

Today I will show you how to make an RPG-7 prop for your own film, costume, some crude prank or just to make on a rainy day. I chose the RPG due to it's distinctive look and because it's very common in today's world and it's just plain cool. Now neighbor-scaring freaks or  movie directors can make a cheaper version without shelling out thousands.(of course it won't look as real) The total cost of the project ranges from $20-$40 depending on the materials you have. History and technical information here >>   (yes i used wikipedia as a source of information)

I tried to make it to scale. I'm not sure of the exact dimensions, I just estimated.

Ok this is my first instructable, so bear with me folks. At times it may seem a bit confusing, so i'll try my best to clarify things.

And let me just say this now. IT DOES NOT SHOOT. However it could be easily modified to do so.

(Disclaimer: I am not responsible for anybody getting arrested or fined for anybody who uses this improperly or anything of that sort.)

Step 1: Materials You Will Need.

You will need quite a few items, lucky these are common and can usually be found around the household. If not, your local hardware or craft store should have them. If you connot find the exact object you could easily substitute it.

Two 1.5" diameter, 2' long PVC pipes, or one 3' tube.
1.5" PVC coupler
1" diameter PVC tube
Pipe insulation clamps
2 empty contact lense cleaner bottles
Cheap Dollar Store gun
2 wooden paint mixing sticks
electrical tape
PVC cement
Hot glue gun plus glue
2 large styrofoam cones
A bottle cap
Contact paper with wood design
Assorted spray paints and acrylic paint
A plastic cup
Mod Podge

Step 2: Making the Grenade.

Grab your Mod Podge and Foam Cones!

First, take your cones, and use a popsicle or craft stick to make indentations on the sides. You simply press while pulling down and make a line. I did four of these. If you are confused, see the picture below. Be gentle, the styrofoam breaks easily. Then, cut off the top of the foam cone about 1" to 1.5" down. Repeat the process on the other cone.

Here comes the long part. You must apply the Mod Podge to the foam cones. This is because the foam is so porous and spray paint will not apply well. Also, the spray paint will melt the foam. You will need quite a few layers. Keep applying layers until all the holes disappear (you will know, it's easy to tell)

You can work on this (applying layers) while working on the rest of the RPG.

Elmer's glue with a bit of water should also work if you can't find Mod Podge.

Step 3: Putting the Grenade Together.

This step is assuming you finished applying the layers to the foam.

First, I attached the two cones together using toothpicks and popsicle sticks. I added tape around the outside between the two to hold it together. Also, I put a small metal bottle cap on the top.

Next, you attach the two cones to the 1" diam. PVC tube. I used a combination of tape and glue, then wrapped cardboard around it.

Now, take a piece of cardboard and make a bunch of squares. Yes squares. See the picture below. Each square is 1.5" x 1.5" Then draw a diagonal through it and cut those suckers out. After cutting out all the little pieces, take two triangles, and glue or tape them together. Repeat for the rest of the triangles. Now you should have six triangles, each two pieces thick. Now glue them around the base of your grenade like the picture below.

See the last picture for other details.

Step 4: Make the Tube

The first thing you must do is attach both your PVC tubes. Put some PVC glue inside the coupler and attach both ends of the tube. Make sure it is all the way in and not crooked because once the PVC glue dries, you won't be able to fix it.

My tubing was a bit long so I had to cut it down to size.

***Note you do not need this step if you have a single piece. Just cut it down. I'm not sure of the length so eyeball it.

Step 5: Still on the Tube.

This is where you take your two empty contact lense cleaner bottles. You could probably use other things as a substitution such as cans. What you need to do is cut off the top so that the PVC coupler will just fit through the hole.

Then on the bottom of the bottle, cut a hole so that the PVC tube itself will fit snugly. Please note that the coupler is a larger diameter, so the hole on the top of the bottle will be larger than the hole on the bottom.

Next, I reinforced the inside of the bottle with cardboard because it was a bit flimsy. But it also helps keep the bottle on the RPG tube.

Now you must slide both contact bottles onto the tube. The larger end (top) goes towards the coupler ( the thing that joins the PVC tubes) If done right they should fit snug and not require gluing.

Step 6: The Triggers and Handles.

Take your cheap dollar store gun. Remove the wires and batteries if yours has them.
I cut mine down to the desired shape. Then added cardboard to cover up the new open sections and make a trigger guard.

Then take the paint sticks. Cut them into four pieces in eqaul length, and glue those four side by side. so now you have a wooden mass. After that, for decoration, put small card board strips 1/4" wide up and down the handle. Sorry no picture. If you are unclear just ask and I will attempt to further explain.

Step 7: Assembly and Painting!

Here, I have taken a cup, cut a hole in the back, and glued it onto the end of the tube. Also, I made some quick iron sights using bits of cardboard and metal. However you may want to save the cup until after applying the wood, because getting the pipe clamps on with the cup is difficult. ( you will see what I mean)

Give your RPG a few nice layers of black paint.

Then paint your rocket with olive drab green, and then some detailing in other colors. I added some electrical tape too.

Step 8: Making the Wood.

This is where you make the wood part of the RPG. It's not too complicated. My job was a bit sloppy though. All you need to do is wrap cardboard ( like a cereal box ) around the tubing like so.

Im sorry there is not a full picture. I had to resort to MS paint.

Then you wrap your wood-patterned contact paper to around the cardboard. My wood was far too light so I added some layers of dark brown acrylic paint so that it looked more realistic and darker.

The I spray painted my pip insulation clamps black. You slide these over the wood and tighten them. I included a picture of their arrangement so you know where to put them. (note: when you tighten them you may have excess clamp hanging out; you can just cut that off)

Step 9: Final Stuff

Sorry for the blurry picture. Now you spray paint the handles black with brown details. I hot glued both onto the launcher. And added some electrical tape around the front end.

Now you probably want to attach that cup at the end mentioned in the earlier steps.

I also fashioned a quick scope, but omitted it from the instructable because I didn't like how it turned out.

Step 10: Voila!

Here is the finished product. This picture also includes the crappy scope. Well there you have it folks, a replica RPG-7 for those on a budget! If any thing is unclear, feel free to alert me and changes will be made! Note it's my first instructable so don't be too harsh!



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    Hello! It was interesting plot. I'm gonna turn you into the heart of explosives alcohol and spark ignition model do

    What do I do with the contact lens bottles if I use the 3ft PVC pipe?

    Check it out. I modified your plans slightly to make mine actual size and to fit my available resources.


    awesome, pretty soon I'll be posting my model rocket Rpg-7 build tutorial.

    Here's mine!

    Thanks for the tutorial! It's far the best one, explains everything perfectly and the materials give it realism and are easy to find (appart from the foam, I had to use 2 bottles). I'm using it for a BF3 cosplay, so it has to be realistic and that's what this is.



    Danger: See link: This is not spam, but a warning. PVC will fail suddenly after a while. This was band member that hurt badly by a T-Shirt launcher explosion.

    See the pictures and never use PVC to hold air, Please.

    I like this prop a lot. I have looked all over Youtube for a decent RPG prop and have had little success. Then I looked here and I found just what I needed. You did a great job.

    Very nice this will be used in my action films