This summers project was a backyard fire pit for a friends cabin in the woods. Like every project it turned out being more work/materials/time than originally planned but also more fun along the way.

I'll try to break this down into clear steps of what we did from design planning to lighting the fire upon completion. Again these are the steps WE took... and we consider ourselves novices. So I welcome any comments/feedback. Have fun and be safe if you decide to tackle a similar project!

Step 1: 1. Design

1. Design:

We knew wanted a circular pit with some sort of walls that could seat about 10 + people. After a few nights of adult beverages and tossing ideas out, and napkin sketching, I used the CAD software that i use at work (Solidworks) to draw up the pit with it's different components. We then did some basic geometry calculations for materials we'd need, made a list and calculated costs for everything. This original design incorporated a built-in concrete center pit sculpted to look like a tree stump. After a few weeks of trying to figure out how to make it we decided to do some Value Engineering and just have it be a flat patio. That way we could utilize any off-the-shelf fire pit... and could always remove the paver stones in the center and create the tree stump look later.
<p>I love this instructable thank you so much</p>
This looks fantastic! I must admit though, I had a completely different idea of what you were making, and got quite the surprise when I read the rest of the steps.<br> <br> I thought, and I credit you with engendering the idea in me and probably in others too, that you were making a stone patio that had a hidden recessed stone patio fire pit. So it would appear to be a normal stone patio, but you could either manually or automatically reveal a fire pit in the middle when you wanted (either removing the stones, or having the pit come up).<br> <br> Probably also inspired by the hidden swimming pools by ike Hydrofloors and Agor (photos below).<br> <br> Anyhow, wanted to let you know what you inspired (not that I have time or space right now, but it would be pretty neat).<br> &nbsp;&nbsp;
wow!! very cool!! Didn't know something like that existed. &quot;Stone Patio Fire Pit&quot; was the best description i could come up with at the time. I think an automated hidden fire pit that rises from the ground or recesses down would be amazing but a whole different ball game... as far as construction/feasibility. But a great idea for an unlimited budget with professional engineers/landscapers/masons/plumbers... but hey, dreams are free!! Glad you were inspired and thanks for the comment!
I don't think you'd need a professional engineer (a legally defined license) to design such a system, although you might have to have one stamp the drawings to get final code/inspection approval. <br> <br>I too expected something like DNR suggested, and I gotta say I was a little disappointed. :p Seed sown, anyway ...
Nice, in the first photo, look like a nuclear reactor !
Very nice ! I am also happy you made time during the build for a few adult beverages . <br>Build_it_Bob <br>
Just curious, any idea what the total cost of the project was?
Was getting ready to ask the same thing. +1 <br> <br>I am pricing out a smaller fire pit and am at about $300 to materials, I can only assume this was closer to $1500.
Actually you're pretty spot on! I asked my friend who purchased all the materials and it cost right around $1500. We definitely went all out on this project as we had the space and the direction to &quot;make it cool, whatever it costs&quot;. Good luck with yours! Send me some pics or make a post when you're done.
wow, very nice work!
looks amazing

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