Picture of How to make a Vodka Lamp (or any other booze bottle light up)
it's more like how to make a Coaster Lamp.

Using coasters and a led push button lite, you could easily make a Vodka bottle or any other object that is translucent like a glass into a lamp!

This instructable is very easy and requires no soldering, no knowledge of electronics, heavy drinking and a lot of friends (optional for the drinking part).

I thought of this because I couldn't cut off the bottoms of bottles without slicing off my own hand and i don't know how to solder and make LEDs work . I'll promise to learn how to solder. No really, shoon, after finishiing thish bottle. hic~

Step 1: Gathering your materials: the bottle

Picture of Gathering your materials: the bottle
this is my favorite step of this instructable:

Decide what kind of bottle you'll have as your lamp. I chose the Absolut bottles because they are rather iconic and come in frosted versions which i find work best (and delicious in flavors too).

Gather all your friends for a party but make should you stay sober enough to pocket the empty bottles later on. Of course you could put a full, brand new Vodka bottle on your coaster lamp but that's a shame isin't it? and sharing is caring, heh.

Very nice idea!
Instead of cardboard coasters I used some from cork as they look a bit better.

I also cracked open the lights, desoldered the LEDs and resistor to switch them out for colored ones.

sk3lton4 years ago
Awesome I'ble I have 2 green bottles in the shape of Buddha and have been looking for a cheap simple way to light them up. I managed to make this in 5 mins. I don't have any coasters lying around so made my own boxes for them but they work really well. When i next go to my local drinking hole I'll grab some coasters and upgrade my stand's
such a great idea, should start a business boozelamps.com.
I was going to, but no time, so im offering my domain 2 whoever
is interested...
thanks, this is awesome i have saved two bottles to do something special with and this is it! Woohoo!
Thats awsome!
clumbsybelz6 years ago
Cool thanks for the idea I put some coloured water in them but have not yet made a base, I just balance them carefully on the light lol
agis686 years ago
nice and clever....maybe we can use some dead CDs also instead of the coasters...
Fab idea! I'm looking for ways to recycle my husband's beer bottles, but I don't have access to glass cutting tools (nor do I plan to). I'm afraid of losing fingers or a hand. Kudos for including pictures of your inebriated buddies.
thats amazing im sure my mom will love to see alcohol bottles in my room lol good job
huirub (author)  grave.dancer7 years ago
thanks! but u don't have to do the drinking tho and u could use any bottle not just alcoholic ones but i reckon u have to get a really pretty one.
Kaiven huirub7 years ago
im looking for an instructable to modify my SoBe energy drink bottle. i like the lizards :P
phildavi7 years ago
got the idea..what one requires is a hollow holder base for the LED thick enough and able to place the bottle on it...of course the coasters which would be thrown off find a use...reuse,recycle....good groggy idea!!Will surely modify on ur idea..keep it up and cheers!!!
huirub (author)  phildavi7 years ago
thank you :D
Momastray8 years ago
Oh I love this! You're so smart. I'm going to have to go have some drinks after work just to get some coasters!
huirub (author)  Momastray8 years ago
/blush thank you! oh, and don't forget step 1 lololololl
vall3yman8 years ago
you can split a bottle by soaking a string in gasoline and wrapping around the place where you want to cut, after this light the string on fire and let the string resolves completely.after this gently hit the bottle with something heavy on the unwanted half, the bottle should break cleanly right where the string burned.
huirub (author)  vall3yman8 years ago
thanks! i'll try that when i repeat more of step 1 lolololol
I like it! I almost threw out me dot-it yesterday...
huirub (author)  threecheersfornick8 years ago
thank you! nuuuu don't throw stuff away, just put under your bed
But the under-bed are is full....
terramonkey8 years ago
i like the effect you have achieved here, and the steps are easy to follow. if you wanted to remove the bottom of the bottle you could add about an inch of water to the bottom and drop in a pound coin ((in the uk)but any small seratted edge coin should work) if you swirl the coin round inside the bottle for 10 minutes or so reasonably fast (around 1or 2 revs/sec) the bottom should drop clean off, this does leave a very sharp edge so handle with care.
If you cut the bottom off, what will press the switch?
I was sharing information regarding huirubs 4th paragraph on the intro page... "I thought of this because I couldn't cut off the bottoms of bottles without slicing off my own hand" , and also as extra information for KNT who stated... "Good for people who haven't acces to glass cutting devices." If the edge of the cut bottle were placed on the switch i think it would still be pressed and activate the light, and the glass could be 'edge lit' doing it this way providing an alternative effect.
huirub (author)  terramonkey8 years ago
that would be cool too but first to figure out how to cut glass safely lol.. thanks!
huirub (author)  Kiteman8 years ago
the "dot-it" light itself is a button. so u kinda have to remove the bottle and press the led part first to switch it on. in this way it doesn't really matter what you put on top of the coaster lamp.
huirub (author)  terramonkey8 years ago
omg how does that work? but the absolut bottle is really thick and "sharp edge handle with care" gives me great fear gaargh but i'll give it a good if there's a youtube video i can watch on it? thank you
Mr. Rig It8 years ago
Very cool! I am actually in the middle of making a similar project, but not with LEDs. I will throw a link on here when I am done with it. I like the creativeness that you have used to make it. Great use of tools and materials. Good Job!
huirub (author)  Mr. Rig It8 years ago
thanks! yes pls link me when u're ready. the lamp is cheap because i'm poor lololololol
Dzwiedziu8 years ago
Good for people who haven't acces to glass cutting devices.
huirub (author)  Dzwiedziu8 years ago
or people like me who would chop off their own thumbs accidently lol
buZztiaan8 years ago
nice one :)
huirub (author)  buZztiaan8 years ago
thank you!