Picture of How to make a baby crib gym from plyboo
You will need a piece of plyboo 10inX 48in min, tape measure, 2in screws, a drill set, counter sink bit, a power drill, table saw, router table, band saw, miter saw and a clamp.
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Step 1: Measure and Cut

Picture of Measure and Cut
first thing i measured 30 in and cut on the 30 in mark. Then I measured 1in3/4 and cut a 30in strip. Then i cut two 1in3/4 10in strips

Step 2: Using the band saw

Picture of using the band saw
I then take my 10in strips and measure 1in and 1in3/4 and remove that materiel from both srtips

Step 3: Drill and counter sink

Picture of Drill and counter sink
I placed the cut strips one on each side. I drilled and countersink-ed and screwed the legs on

Step 4: Cuting using the band saw

Picture of cuting using the band saw
I then measured 2in up and 1in across and then removed material using the band saw i repeated on the other side. I them cut two 3/4X 4in strips and attached them on both sides. I drilled and countersink-ed and screwed the strips in

Step 5: Using the router table

Picture of using the router table
I then routed all edges using a 1/4in round over bit. now its ready to be placed on crib will add picture on the crib later