How to Make a Bottle Cap Bead.





Introduction: How to Make a Bottle Cap Bead.

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Here's how to make a bottle cap bead with a soldering iron and silver solder.

Dapping the cap 0:00

Truing the edge 1:20

Soldering setup 2:23

Soldering 3:37

If you are not able to view the video click here or go here:



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    Hallo i would buy the cube with the round hole and the little ball to press on it... where can I find it....? What's his name?

    Many thanks


    What type of silver solder do you use here? I am new to soldering and want to be sure I obtain the correct material to use with the iron.

    Watching this makes me sad, when I think of all the bottle caps I've thrown out over the years. I will never throw another bottle cap in the garbage again. Thank you.

    Thank you for fixing video. That is really cool how you made coke beads with rounding tools. where can I purchase the rounding tools? I think I am going to make some of these beads. I have decades of saving different soda pop and beer caps. I cant wait to make some of the older tops like mnt dew, a&w, pepsi, ect. Thank you for sharing idea on instructables. Well done my friend.

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    Thanks! You can buy the doming block here.

    That not how to do it, it is just two pictures and a few words

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    I updated the description with the link. I'm not sure what's going on with the video not showing. Thanks for pointing that out.

    How weird. Ive been able to wayvh it with no problems... Thanks again Mr. I am working on them this week.

    He posted a video of the entire process....

    it isn't showing as a video.just a still.

    I updated the description with the link. I'm not sure what's going on with the video not showing. Thanks for pointing that out.

    Looks awesome! What specific solder and soldering paste did you use? I've been meaning to work on my soldered jewelry but need the right supplies :)

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    Here's a picture. I got it at the Home Depot. Also, here's a link to the my first soldering project which talks little more about the process.


    Just a note, so far I see @ least 3 persons trying to find icon to click on to watch video. I have been trying for 10 minutes to find something to click on to see video. I click on icons all the time to watch the videos. this instructable does not have an icon. is this a glitch or is there something I am missing? Please help to figure out what is going on. thanks! p.s nice picture at the begining though.

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    I can't see any video either which is a shame. This looks interesting