Picture of How to make a cardboard Iron Man Helmet

These are NOT my original files.  I found this after about 2 days of looking on both this site, and on the web.  I figured it would put this up here, so anyone else hunting may find this easy enough.  I just wanted to add that this DOES take a lot of patience.  For example, while i was building it i had to CONSTANTLY tweet, cut and reglue several times because of the size difference on each side.  Just remember, it's nothing serious, just for fun :) and keep on it!  If there is ANY info that i missed, you would like me to clarify on, please DO NOT hesitate to message me, i will be MORE than happy to assist you in ANY way i can!!!! :)  After you are done, please send me your pictures, within the next two days (the 14th or 15th on January 2011) I will post my finished product, so you all may see, and judge :D!!!!

What you will need:
Access to a printer (preferrably color)
X-Acto knife (pen style, with the small triangular blades)
Enough NON carrugated cardboard for Six (6) pages of standard printing paper to fit on.
Glue Stick
Hot Glue Gun
Light Spackle (or wall compound, doesn't matter).
A sand block (for the Spackle)
A Putty knife (mine is 4" wide) to apply the Spackle.

Donnie995 months ago
I've only got the face and need to know what parts the forehead
sclocher (author)  claytoncormier2 years ago
The "Forehead" part is the gold parts on the very top. The The way they are laid out in the image is the way you would put them together. When putting them together they will naturally curve to make the shape.
burao3 years ago
Hi,i used the files you attached there and finish assembling it.but i have a question,whats that black thing on bottom of the two faces?
dmcawesome3 years ago
and i found the th face plate one side is bigger then the other if same for you simply hit rotate
dmcawesome3 years ago
the part you are not sur about is the chin
tnmomof74 years ago
I figured out the sizing problem. The larger pieces on page 4 are too big. I used my picture editor to horizontally flip page 3 and saved it as an additional page. Then I printed both page 3 and page 3 flipped but page 4 is not needed. Also, I made sure that the "fit to page" was not checked so everything would print in the same scale. I ended up with an extra top forehead red piece but that's okay. I think the unknown piece may go under the chin for supporting the mask against the neck--just a guess.
sclocher (author)  tnmomof74 years ago
Honestly, I searched for them, found them, and posted them here
I just flipped and printed out one of the side pages and did it from there.
tnmomof74 years ago
Can you post where the original files came from for two reasons: 1. That person can get credit and 2. I can see the sizing difference? Thank you so much. I often pick up pictures and put them in a file and sometimes accidentally re-size them to get them to fit on the pages.

Thank you for these because I've been working for a couple months trying to get a good helmet for my 11 year old son.