Picture of How to make a lamp!
A crafty lamp made of wire hangers, canvas, and beads.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Picture of Materials and Tools
3-4 Wire Hangers
Wire Cutter
Gorilla Glue (you can also use a glue gun, super glue etc.)
9 ”x 24”Canvas (or any other strong material)
Sewing Kit
Fire Retardant Spray
Lamp making kit
Light bulb
Vase for the stand (or a bottle)
kofykat3 years ago
Brilliant. the easiest to understand.
i am loving this from chloe sutton i love all of this recycle stuff its mint you should come an see my house! RECYCLING IS THE ANSWER ;)  COME ON GUYSSS JOIN THEE GROUP :D
luvit5 years ago
that edison guy was quite a minimalist... you could;ve taught him a thing or two.
so cool! im gonna try to make a triangle shaped one, though :)
hishealer5 years ago
I have a lamp already, very simple black stick thing.  I think I'll make a total beaded shade instead of the canvas though; I have a lot of handmade glass beads that would look great!  Thanks for the great ideas, the best ones are the ones you can make your own!
hishealer5 years ago
Great pics!  They tell it better than words can.
karossii5 years ago
nice instructable, but all you really cover is how to make a lamp shade, not a lamp itself. The shade could go on just about any existing lamp, so why bother with a kit at all... if you're not describing how to build the lamp?

Personally, I have made several lamps from scratch, without kits; the supplies you need (power cords, plugs, light sockets, metal or pvc pipe, pipe fittings, various types of switches) are all available at most home improvement stores (Ace, Home Depot, Lowes, etc.). There is no need for a kit...