A crafty lamp made of wire hangers, canvas, and beads.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

3-4 Wire Hangers
Wire Cutter
Gorilla Glue (you can also use a glue gun, super glue etc.)
9 ”x 24”Canvas (or any other strong material)
Sewing Kit
Fire Retardant Spray
Lamp making kit
Light bulb
Vase for the stand (or a bottle)
Brilliant. the easiest to understand.
i am loving this from chloe sutton i love all of this recycle stuff its mint you should come an see my house! RECYCLING IS THE ANSWER ;)  COME ON GUYSSS JOIN THEE GROUP :D
that edison guy was quite a minimalist... you could;ve taught him a thing or two.
so cool! im gonna try to make a triangle shaped one, though :)<br />
I have a lamp already, very simple black stick thing.&nbsp; I think I'll make a total beaded shade instead of the canvas though;&nbsp;I have a lot of handmade&nbsp;glass beads that would look great!&nbsp; Thanks for the great ideas, the best ones are the ones you can make your own!
Great pics!&nbsp; They tell it better than words can.
nice instructable, but all you really cover is how to make a lamp shade, not a lamp itself. The shade could go on just about any existing lamp, so why bother with a kit at all... if you're not describing how to build the lamp?<br /> <br /> Personally, I have made several lamps from scratch, without kits; the supplies you need (power cords, plugs, light sockets, metal or pvc pipe, pipe fittings, various types of switches)&nbsp;are all available at most home improvement stores (Ace, Home Depot, Lowes, etc.). There is no need for a kit...<br />

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