How to make a lifesize, wearable Iron Man helmet

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Picture of How to make a lifesize, wearable Iron Man helmet
I think this is the biggest project I’ve done yet. My favourite movie is the Iron Man and I wanted to get an Iron Man helmet, but I’m a student and I couldn’t afford it. Then I decided to make one. Now I’ve done and I really like this helmet. I’m happy that I didn’t buy one.
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Step 1: Safety

Picture of Safety
You are going to work with dangerous materials. Always wear respirator while you are working with resin or you are sanding. Resin isn't good to touch before drying, so it's recommended to use rubbergloves too.

Step 2: What will you need

Picture of What will you need
What will you need:
-17 hard papers (I used 210gsm paper. (gsm = gramms per square meter). I tried 250gsm paper too, but it was too hard and it couldn't suck the resin in.
-Technokol Universal glue
-Polyester resin
-fiberglass cloth
-resin based filler
-metallic gold spray paint
-rally red spray paint
-sand papers (60, 120, 360)
-6 LEDs
-a small switch
-2 batteries
-a battery holder
-soldering wire
-electrical tape
-a piece of transparent plastic (for the eyes)
-two pieces of wood (10cmx2,5cm)
-small magnets

The tools:
-hot glue gun
-soldering iron
-scalpel or scissors
-engraver (isn't necessary)

Always wear respirator while you are working with resin, paint or you are sanding! Fumes and dust can damage you lung, if you are not careful enough.

Step 3: Printing and cutting the parts

Picture of Printing and cutting the parts
The mask has a paper base, which is designed by a program named Pepakura. It makes 2D parts from a 3D model. Fortunately, you don’t have to design the model, here is the .pdf file. You have to print them to hard paper. Normal paper doesn’t work perfectly.
After you have printed you have to cut the staight lines out (don’t cut the interrupted lines). You can use scissors or scalpel.
If someone knows how to use pepakura here is a link where you can download the pdo file:
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Nice! Do you know how I could get the mask to open up? And how much did this helmet cost overall?

Hi Can you tell me the dimensions of this helmet. Is there any guidelines on how to scale up the size of the helmet. Really appreciate any help you can give. Thanks.

geq1 (author)  robert.bradley.5648112 days ago

About 25x18x22 in centimeters.

nikola.kucar8 months ago

Do you have pep file?

geq1 (author)  nikola.kucar12 days ago

Yes, the link is in step 3.

BartłomiejH9 months ago

A good job, I'm impressed

geq1 (author)  BartłomiejH12 days ago

Thanks! months ago

ok first of all. awesome. second. i used the file.but when i made it. it was too small. i made it bigger. but still. its too small

geq1 (author) days ago

Which one did you use the pdf or the pdo?

How would you put the parts together, are there numbers that correspond with each other?

geq1 (author)  CaptainRex212112 days ago

Yes, every number goes to the same number.

afriyann4 months ago

Can you give me the video tutorials in order to practice, in order to more clearly
I come from Indonesia

geq1 (author)  afriyann12 days ago

There are tutorials on youtube from other people.

timojloo4 months ago

The finished product is excellent! I'm part way though making my own and I have a few questions:

1. Did you glue the faceplate in place before applying resin?

2. It looks like you applied resin to the whole helmet at once - how did you keep the back piece attached?

3. Is there a gap at the back between the back piece and the helmet?

Any feedback would be highly appreciated! Keep up the good work :)

geq1 (author)  timojloo12 days ago

1. Yes, I did.

2. I used duct tape.

3. Yes there is a small gap. It's necessary for the hinges.

If there are more questions, I'm happy to answer them. :)

simong1133 made it!1 month ago

This was a lot of fun to make. It was my first time making any kind of helmet / prop replica, or working with fibreglass, pepakura or fillers, so I made quite a few mistakes along the way. But I can't wait to try again and get better at it. Thanks for the brilliant guide.

geq1 (author)  simong113312 days ago

Your welcome. Nice prop.

EricVera53918 days ago

Hi! thanks for all the step by step info. I have a simple question.... can I do this whole thing using normal paper instead of hard paper? I just can't find it in any store. /: What would happen if I go with normal paper? thanks for the post.

geq1 (author)  EricVera53912 days ago

Unfortunatelly, no. Maybe with simpler models, but not with this. You can order from ebay too.

I researched the exact same thing you are having trouble on and found that cardstock paper works well based off other models I've seen.

This is one model I'm talking about =>

As well this one =>

Both are a PDO and PDF file that follows the same printing process and both used Cardstock Paper.

Hope this helped!

teena.tobey21 days ago

Cool Version of the helmet

Cool Version of the helmet

hshahzad13 months ago
can you give the video please
yodi.shadow10 months ago

how much time you took to finish this helmet ?

I printed it out last week and just finished it today. Only working on it a couple hours a day though.

j-vega1 year ago

Ten out of ten !!!!! ;-)

fcolon21 year ago

could you please share the .PDO file with me as well?

Can you please show me or have a tutorial on how to cut. Thanks

Do you cut where the dotted line is?

karora41 year ago
can u plz send d link of pdf for paper markings and cutting
Love it, I'm trying to make it now for myself, where did you buy the paper at? Or if you made it how much if you were to sell it?
pheenix421 year ago

Too bad I can't make a motorcycle helmet like this!

JK Subhash1 year ago
hey...i'am new at i just wanted to know if i coul use POP[plaster of paris] for hardening.

Great instructable......

yes you could. you can use the bandages that come ready, as for casting a broken arm, or the powder to mix with water.

geq1 (author)  JK Subhash1 year ago
I haven't got any experience with POP. You can try it, but most people use resin to make the paper model hard.
EKreed20001 year ago

Love the instructable geq1! Just have a question. Do you know what sections form up the back section of the helmet that way I can set those aside for a later section of the project. Im making a customized version of this helmet for a custom character for a convention Im going to and not 100% sure i want the lower section of the back. Any information would be helpful! Thanks.

asianoob1 year ago
hey, how much resin do you need for the whole helmet?

imaloney1 year ago
Hi so I'm making a similar mask and really like the backlight LED eyes but its really important for me to be able to see out. How well can you see out with the tiny slits in the eyes or have you come up with a better design to improve vision?
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