This is a fun easy project that anyone can make in about 15-20 minutes. The whole project only cost me a dollar and works good enough that I can enjoy an entire movie on it. The way it works is the light from your phone or iPod goes through the magnifying glass and magnifies onto the wall. The whole project is very easy to make and easy to understand.

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Step 1: Supplies

You will need a few household items to make your projector. Any supplies that you don’t have you can buy for very cheap. I completed the entire project for a dollar and the cheapest iPod/iPhone projector I could find online cost $90. For this project you will need:
•A shoe box
•A knife
•Duct tape
•A magnifying glass (this was the only thing I had to buy and it only cost a
•A marker
•Hot glue gun
<p>Did everything as per instructions, but got bright circle-- no image. Where exactly should (what app) the pic be displayed from? Tried from photos, from the camera app, from the pro camera app. Nothing but light. Moved the phone all the way up and all the way back. Nice and bright but no image. Does it matter if the glass is taped to the inside or outside of the box? Doesn't have to be sharp, just something I can trace.</p>
Pen pineapple apple pen
<p>I need some quick help. I made it and it works perfectly but its a little blurry. from any angle. any way to fix that? thank</p>
<p><strong>How to make a projector for your iPod/iPhone</strong></p><p><a href="http://www.tricksandhacks.com/make-projector-iphone-ipod/" rel="nofollow">http://www.tricksandhacks.com/make-projector-iphon...</a></p>
This is super cool
<p>Can someone who tried this and got at least a decent picture quality please let me know what strength their magnifying glass was. Thanks</p>
<p>hi, do you remember what strenght you had to use? I want to make such projector as well but does not work with a 2x glass </p>
This did not work for me at all. What gives? I was told a cheap magnifying glass would work fine and i got this from a convenience store and it still wont work. All holes are light-tight with duct tape, box is black inside, room is dark....still no luck. I get a cloud of light and nothing else. How am i expected to focus that? Advice anyone?
<p>This was the same problem for me for a long time. I figured out all you need to do to fix it is place your phone closer to the lense. This worked for me.</p>
<p>i also have same problem bro nothing i can see do you have any suggestion</p>
<p>I have the same problem. No picture at all.</p>
<p>Must try this with a pinhole- that would mean (a) the project cost goes to nothing at all, and (b) there will be no distortion from a cheap lens? - It could project onto a tracing paper screen from behind too....</p>
<p>In order to enjoy a large screen from iPad, i guess the other neat way is to <a href="http://www.apowersoft.com/display-ipad-on-computer.html" rel="nofollow">mirror iPad/iPod to computer</a>, in this way, you may also enjoy the large screen.</p>
<p>I did everything required, flipped the phone over but the screen becomes flipped horizontaly. Do you know how to fix this? Thanks in advance!</p>
<p>turn on 'lock screen' on an iPhone.</p>
<p>Turn off orientation lock: http://support.apple.com/en-us/TS3805 </p>
<p>Well...Turn your device upside down.</p>
The words are backwards ... Anyone know how to fix this?
<p>if the image is reversed by the lens, try bouncing the image off a mirror- projector to mirror to wall- you can also use this trick to double the distance available in the room to project a huge image.... I doubt if an iPhone is powerful enough to do that though, but it works great with old 35mms and digital.</p>
For words to project property, you would aim the device away from the target screen and toward the back wall of the shoebox. At the back wall you need a mirror. I don't know if you magnify before or after the reflection, but I think it's before
Mine was insanely blurry and you couldn't tell at all what was projecting onto the wall. Any way to fix this??
<p>My first guess would be move the iPhone/iPod. It has to be the right distance from the magnifying lens to show up clearly. Just like focusing a camera/movie projector. (I know this was a few months ago, but just in case you still need to know, or someone else does.) </p>
Put a peice of black paper at the bottom of the box
<p>i want to make it so bad. to bad right now my ipod is broken. it was out in the snow/mud/water for 1 week anybody know how to fix it?</p>
Put it in rice
<p>are u serious??</p>
<p>I know this was awhile ago but yes, Annanah was serious. Rice can be used in the same way as silica to draw moisture out of things. It is good for drying out small electronic devices. It might not fix it in a case like this where it's more than a little damp, but it's a good first step. </p>
<p>a glasses lense would work, right?</p>
Ok mine was good<br>atleast big but not clear and colourful even after using my laptop screen<br>magnifying lens are just not good. i have heard people using water as magnifying glass. Im gonna try those
<p> i want the mm of magnifying glass please it is urgent</p>
I don't have a magnifying glass. What can I use instead?
<p>It works great! Thanks so much. Many fun days ahead...</p>
<p>p.s, I used clay instead of legos to make the iPod stand...</p>
<p>That's so cool!</p>
<p>I did it, but it is extremly super blur. Someone said to put black paper but it was still blur. </p>
I love this instructable!!!!
Do I need to cover all my holes in my box?
<p>Hi! Which magnification did you use to have a great render?</p><p>Best regards!</p>
<p>very nice</p>
Hello guys, I'm new here. Just wanted to ask, I just bought a Magnifying glass from a local retailer called Al-Rawnaq. It says something like LUPA 50mm on the package. Will it work? And also will this whole project idea work with the mobile N95 8GB instead of iPhone or iPod? Thanks in advance!
I am not sure about the magnifying glass but its worth a shot. and yes the N95 will work but you will have to make sure it doesnt rotate when you place it upside down in the stand<br>
Hey Matt, I tried it and the picture quality is really dumb. Just some big dark colour blobs appear. I think the glass is not good enough. I also the the rotate error you're talking about (FLIPPED IMAGE).
The if you can focus it right you should be able to see a lot better than blobs. And I still haven't figured out the mirror image problem yet but i am working on it.
Focus? How?
move it around picture quality should get better. im answering questions because im his little brother
Tried again... Nothing's getting any better. I went in a room with no light source at all but the pic quality is not good at all. I can't even recognize any faces. Also, the picture is very dark.
I had the same problem, but i followed the lines that i made using my phone and cut out the back of the shoe box accordingly. The problem is that the shoe box isn't long enough, so you need to cut out the back and move your phone further back.

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