How to Make a Stun Gun From Power Transformer


Introduction: How to Make a Stun Gun From Power Transformer

Welcome. In this instructable we will learn how to make a stun gun from a power transformer. Its easy to make a stun gun from a audio transformer  but sometimes you don't have access to audio transformer. That's why I have made this instructable.Please don't use it on people just for fun. Use only when there's an emergency. I will not be held responsible for any action of yours with any stun-gun.

Step 1: Collecting the Material

To make this stun gun you will need:

1k resistor x 2
10k resistor
555 ic
10 uf capacitor
0.1 uf ceramic capacitor (no. 104)
tip 31 or any equivalent npn transistor
4148 diode
0.01 uf ceramic capacitors (no.103) - 400v x 10
IN4007/4005 diodes x 10
6v to 230v center tapped power transformer
A 9v battery clip
A 9v battery
Additional tools

Step 2: Making It!!!

Make the whole circuit on a pcb/perfboard except the transformer.Here's the schematic.

Step 3: How It Works???

When the electricity goes to the first circuit it starts to oscillate (turn on and off and on and off). When it reaches the second stage it turns from dc voltage to ac voltage and then the power transformer increases the voltage. In the end it goes through a Half Wave Bridge which turns it back to dc but increases it even more.



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