Welcome. In this instructable we will learn how to make a stun gun from a power transformer. Its easy to make a stun gun from a audio transformer  but sometimes you don't have access to audio transformer. That's why I have made this instructable.Please don't use it on people just for fun. Use only when there's an emergency. I will not be held responsible for any action of yours with any stun-gun.

Step 1: Collecting the Material

To make this stun gun you will need:

1k resistor x 2
10k resistor
555 ic
10 uf capacitor
0.1 uf ceramic capacitor (no. 104)
tip 31 or any equivalent npn transistor
4148 diode
0.01 uf ceramic capacitors (no.103) - 400v x 10
IN4007/4005 diodes x 10
6v to 230v center tapped power transformer
A 9v battery clip
A 9v battery
Additional tools

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