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I needed a bed I can toggle to open the door of the balcony.

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froman2 months ago

Thanks for the idea. But you are assuming everyone knows how to use google sketch. I managed to download it and open up the file but all I can figure out is how to rotate it as a 3D object. You could've made it easier for the rest of us non technical people and put up all of your measurements and step by step instructions. I'm smart enough to figure something out, but, it would've been quicker with your help. But it's a good idea. I've already got modifications in my mind being drawn up. Thanks.

kmullins42 years ago
this is really fantastic, my question is this
could this work on a double bed? would it be strong enough?
i tried downloading google sketch, first some other dumb program tried to eat my internet and then i could not work out how to use it. which is sad. so just a simple yes no answer will do me! :)
flavien008 (author)  kmullins42 years ago
I don't, but this project worked beceause the length is much greater than the width.
if it's squared I don't think it can work well (two persons can move more than one in a bed, so I don't think it can be strong enough).
I don't know for the Google Scketch Up problem (it's a long time ago).
Aliali3222 years ago
this is awesome!!
acurto2 years ago
For some reason I can't reply to my own comment so I'll just make a new one: I looked at the google sketch file, like I said, but it didn't say what materials were needed or what directions or follow or anything like that.
acurto2 years ago
Am I missing something here because it looks like there's just pictures but no actual instructions on how to make this... for example, I don't see anything about what supplies are needed or measurements or anything. I even found googlesketchup and opened the file but it still doesn't say like what screws or bolts and what have you to use. I'd love to make this and it looks pretty easy, can someone please help?
flavien008 (author)  acurto2 years ago
There is a googleSketchUp file to download, where everything is on scale.
so in the free software you can tae the ruler and measure anything you want.
Eye Poker3 years ago
I would have added a hole in the frame and a hole in the supporting strut on each side that you could slip a both through to prevent it from falling unexpectedly.
flavien008 (author)  Eye Poker3 years ago
on the google scketch up file, you can see I added a fifth leg to prevent it (if I understood right what you wrote)
EmmettO3 years ago
Did you do anything to secure the mattress to the bed?

I've been wanting to build a murphy bed for a while and with some hefty springs on the side of the bed near the wall, this could be a good start for the design. Cool!
flavien008 (author)  EmmettO3 years ago
yes, there is the piece of wood to prevent the matress to slide to the ground (you can see the piece of wood close the wall on the picture), and there is two rope to attach the matress to the bed.
How do you use the ropes to attach the mattress to the bed?
flavien008 (author)  SandLizard3 years ago
there are two ropes, as they are belts, one on the position of the pillow, and the other on the position of the ankles.
Thank you.
middleton3 years ago
This is the coolest ever, and could be potentially free in parts!
Totally. Scrounge wood from discarded pallets, handful of nails, a couple of screws, freecycle a mattress and some rope - voila!
iongets3 years ago
Now , could someone please design one with aluminum , so it can go into a homemade camper, ( keep it light as possible for gas savings ) THANKS !!
Don't have a design, but I'd think a simple rectangular frame with a weave (like a lawn chair) to hold the mattress. Bolted to the wall with hinges so it flips up (or down if that's what you need) and is secured horizontal by straps connected to eyebolts (anchored very well) or you could skip all that and just put up a hammock.
Txjoe3 years ago
Great bed, thanks for sharing, at this time. I have to build added sleeping places, for company and you have given me the answer.
patmac3 years ago
This is great for guests if space is tight. With added cushions it could be used as seating as well. Great idea and very creative.
TigerMoon3 years ago
This is just what I need for the tiny studio I plan on moving into, thanks!
urtlesquirt3 years ago
Very useful idea for heavy sleepers. Wire it to a timer so if you don't get up and turn it off, it will dump you after 30 seconds.
flavien008 (author)  urtlesquirt3 years ago
It happened to me one time, cause I forgot to set the 5th leg!
I fell on the ground between the bed and the wall.

Yours seems to be more a trap than a bed! have fun!
bo53 years ago
Thank you for the sketchup :D
oddartist3 years ago
Well done! What a space saver!