I've been wanting to make something with EL wire for a long time and I've wanted some sort of glowing hoop for a while so this seemed to be the perfect opportunity to do both!

Step 1: Collect materials

Finding the materials for this project was quite a hunt. To power EL wire, or electro luminescent wire you need a driver. There are some small drivers out there, but I needed to find one that could power enough feet of wire and be small enough to fit inside a tube with a 1 inch outer diameter.

-a length of polyethylene irrigation tubing with an outer diameter of 1 inch for the hoop. I think I used about 9 feet. I use PSI 100 weight
-a connector for the tube
-heat gun
-heat shrink tubing
-soldering iron and solder
-electrical tape
-black gaffer tape
-hand held power drill
-bubble wrap
-wire cutters and wire strippers
-RC-2KN 12 Volt 2000hz driver for 3-15' of wire (It searched everywhere to find the smallest, most powerful driver I could find and I found the one I used here)
-8 single AA battery holders and batteries
-2 15 foot lengths of EL wire. If you make a bigger or smaller hoop you might need less or more. It comes in different thicknesses, I think mine was just general purpose. Don't get too thin or delicate wire, or it will break when you use it.

A voltmeter was also very helpful for this project

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