This instructable is one of two parts detailing how to build an arc reactor and an iron man mask. Both work together but are written as seperate instructables for clarity. This part is for the Mask and you can find the Arc Reactor here: http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-make-an-Iron-Man-Arc-Reactor/.

You can buy these masks relatively cheaply all over the internet but nothing beats that hand made look. Again I work best when I have a goal in mind and something to copy so I set out looking for shots of the Iron Man mask. The picture included on this page gave me the most information about the design and was the key to developing my own mask. I wanted to create something that fitted my own face well but also wanted it to be smooth all over with no obvious joins in the mask, it proved quite tricky for me but now I've worked out the details it should be easier for anyone else wanting to give it a try.

I'm pleased with the results and with hindsight don't think I would have done anything differently

Update - August 2009:
Still lots of interest in this one too, sadly I don't make these because they take too long making them very cost inneffective for you. 

People also keep telling me they are having problems with the templates so I've put them on my own site too, here is the link and you'll have to forgive me because the page is very new so don't expect too much from it. http://msraynsford.googlepages.com/home

Step 1: Materials

For this mask you will need:
Cardboard to provide a solid front and back to the mask,
Glue for holding the paper together,
Newspaper for adding bulk in a paper mache stylee,
More glue, I used a 2:1 PVA and water mix for paper mache,
Gold paint (I used gold spray for that even finish)

More white LED's to illuminate the eyes.
Wire and solder to add power to the mask.
A connector, to draw power from the arc reactor.

Elastic, oh how I hated adding elastic round the back of the mask but it does the job.

Insert photo here, I must go collect some of these things and take a photo, I'm sure you guys can just imagine this stuff in the meantime.
<p>Thanks for the last minute Halloween costume!</p>
<p>FINALLY!!!!!! Something that does't need pepacura! </p>
This will help me make my ironman helmet
can you make a back to it so its like the real one because all the ones ive seen require pepakura and they do not have a link and i do not wish to download it
Download the free pepakura viewer, you really wont regret it.
Pepakura Designer 3 is free now, as well. Best software EVER!! Here's the link to the Download from Tamasoft<br> <a href="http://www.tamasoft.co.jp/pepakura-en/download/designer.html" rel="nofollow">Pepakura Designer Version 3</a><br> And here's a link to the Iron Man suit I've got on file, although, they aren't my design, the original files were public so I don't think there's any problem.<br> <a href="https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B1QEfSDpIS00NlJZbDQ0REtUZUU&usp=sharing" rel="nofollow">Iron Man Suit (Full Armour)</a>
how about the back part can you make 1
What if you were to use tracing paper instead to be able to see through? if it doesnt ruin th elook, it may increase visibility. Or you could be totally awesome and install a camera outside the helmet and make a cool HUD.
&nbsp;The only problem with that is, the human eye can't see images that are closer than 4&quot; away. Thus, forcing the mask to be pushed further away from the face and making it bulkier overall. And ruining the effect.
contact lenses are being made that allow the eye to focus much closer
Good job on bursting a bubble. I don't mean that in a Mean way. But that is a cool idea though. but considering that and eye can't see an image thats 4 or less inches away that would be hard
I believe I saw a technology once that actually projected an image onto the back of your retina directly so the eye didn't have to focus on a screen 4&quot; in front of your face.<br>Long live the Dream :D
Its called Virtual Retina Display (VRD), there has been quite a bit of work on it although I know of no current commercially available systems. But this will be coming eventually.
you could use a pair of 3d ar glasses and use a pc so that when they 'see' certain images, they can load somthing on the display, just like in the film
&nbsp;That would be rediculous... I like it!
If by ridiculous, you mean freaking awesome, then I agree.<br />
Ridiculously awesome...<br /> I had an idea like that once, too!<br />
Maybe some clever use of optics (fresnel lens mayhaps?) could make it work?
what are these connectors called and were can you get them?
Molex connectors and I tend to acquire mine from work. More seriously though any connector from pretty much an electronics store would be fine.
But can you actually see through mask?
this is really nice thanks for sharing your template with us it was the one thing i needed except i used bondo in sted of paper mache
i really like this one noce work.
dude i am working on mine right now
Awesome Instructable Thanks! Huge hit at our pre-Halloween Party!<br><br>Jonnyboy
are the mask templates the correct proportions for the one you actually made?
this will help so much I'm going to use a car battery to power my full suit I'm building. only I'm not going to make a exact replica I'm going to paint it different. so far I got almost I arm done with missiles (bottle rockets) and flame thrower (axe the body spray + lighter)
also i have finished the arm it took a very long time i have made a flat cloth like thing (like the thing that checks your blood pressure in a doctors office) and ajusted it so that the more pressure inside it the more airflow there is the the air muscles (look it up on google and they cost alot) thus greater strength. also the arm is rather heavy about 60 lbs (i tryed making only the armor but found out it would be too heavy for practical use thus i came up with the idea of implimenting air muscles in the design but also made it more bulky (i still doubt the the strength of the armor against live fire so im limited to only shooting at it with pelet guns) soon ill put up a youtube video. also im still having problems with some of the weapon system like the flame thrower is emptying to quickly and the bottle rockets blowing to soon. any one who can help with those two problems please contact me
can you make me 1 ?
can you make me 1?
Seriously if you ignore the warnings and finish this... PUT&nbsp;IT&nbsp;ON&nbsp;YOUTUBE... if anything wrong happens the whole world will be able to see. Plus you could be famous for it. :D<br />
&nbsp;Please, for your own sake, DO NOT BUILD IT! It can only end badly, in dozens of ways. First three off the top of my head. 1)Wire SOMETHING wrong, causing the car battery to either leak or explode, dripping/sending sulfuric acid all over the place, 2)the flamethrower misfires, setting yourself on fire and causing 1 to occur, 3)the bottle rocket behaves unexpectedly and causes severe burns to either you or someone else.
upload pictures and videos of this when you are done. I want to make one too (someday)
Use a spray bottle of ether and lighter for the flamethrower, Trust me its much more effective
can you make a full helmant than just the mask<br />
can u say to me what is the inch of ur helmet..i cant make my helmet better..<br /> <br />
Try all helmet complete and photograph&nbsp;
Not bad you have thought up&nbsp;
You from what country? And what is your name?&nbsp;
Super as you have thought up it?&nbsp;
Super as you have thought up it?&nbsp;
<br /> ngeniously, but another is better приклеять that instead of prowolves.&nbsp;
cool<br /> &nbsp;
This was so worth it, I made and added the rest of the helmet, it took me over 12 hours because I made it with metal. Thanks for your help and your templates!<br />
This is a very nice instructable, and I plan to eventually do this...I've printed out the template... but one question: what type of wires did you use to go from the reactor to the battery?<br /> Thanks in advance!<br />
can u see out of it tho?<br />
and trasnparent plastic instead paper? or make it retractable?anyway it's cool.<br />

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