How to make apple jam

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The recipe is French and pretty tasty. Here it comes.
First, get your ingredients together on your kitchen table or worktop.
These are the ingredients:
1.2 kilo apples
1 kilo sugar
1 sachet of pectin powder ( 8 grammes) - ( brand Tate and Lyle or other make ).
1 packet of vanilla sugar
2 teaspoons of ground cinnamon
1 Big bowl of water with the juice of 1 lemon squeezed into it.
4 clean jam pots with screw-on lids
1 Big pan ( so the jam can boil but cannot boil over )
1 Wooden spoon.

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Step 1: Prepare your apples.

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apple quartres in pan with lemon water.JPG
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Quarter the apples, peel and core them, then chuck every apple quarter into the bowl with water and lemon juice.
This will keep the apples white/ green/ yellow (so they don't get brown and horrible ).
Once you have cored and peeled and quatered all the apples , stage 2 is getting all the apple quarters thinly sliced, then in thinly cubed.Think 1 x 1 mm !

Step 2: All your ingredients in the pan

Picture of All your ingredients in the pan
Chuck the tiny cubes all in the big pan, add the sugar, the sachet of pectin ( don't breathe in, it will make you cough ) the vanilla sugar, and the cinnamon.
Stir the whole thing through- ( this can be a bit heavy going ) till you have a thick gloop.

Step 3: Cook your jam

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Put it on a medium heat and cook for at least half an hour, stir with the wooden spoon. Don't go and do something else and leave it bubbling away.
Test if the apple is "done " ( = soft )- this can take quite a bit of time.( so say make it at least 40 minutes).

Step 4: Prepare your jam pots

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Let the pots you intend to use for your jam, run through a dishwasher cycle, till they are clean and warm, or clean them with boiling water.
In the meantime - put your oven on 150-180 degrees Centigrade .Boil a kettle with water.
FahimHalimi6 months ago


I prepared the apple jam and it taste very good with light brown texture. The apple jam has a little sour taste. Is sour taste for this apple jam? I thought this apple jam taste sweet. I want to know if the recipe taste sour?

Dearest Bea,

I thought I left you a comment but with ALL your publicity this week in so many magazines and here, it's hard to keep up with it! Sorry for having overlooked this...
You know I've previously done this the very same way, in a water-bath in the oven for five minutes. Now I turn the jars upside down for five minutes, to remove the air and than let them cool down just standing 'normal'. That works too.
Anyway, I've learned that such great tasting jams never make it for long on the shelves!
Great visual steps again and knowing you, it has to be GOOD!

Love to you,

Mariette's Back to Basics