Picture of How to make cheap fake barb wire
I needed some barb wire for a costume prop. Obviously I didnt want to use the real stuff because of the potentional for accidents. I could have brought some of the fake stuff but the cost of P&P and the item always puts me off buying them from online stores.

So I thought I'd make use of the things I have lying around the house then I dont have to wait for it to arrive and I could get on with my prop that same evening

It's a very simple and easy technique that I hope people will follow and use in the future.

Step 1: The Materials

Picture of The Materials
You will need:

String, roughly 2.5 times more string than you want barbed wire.
PVA glue, the staple of many a project
Grey Paint, I used grey poster paint, actually white and black mixed but anything that will mix with the glue will be fine.

Make up a pot of glue. I diluted mine down 1:1 with water, which means it dries softer and is easier to work with. I mixed the grey paint into the glue at this stage to ensure nice even colouring. Roughly 4:1 is my ratio of dilluted glue to paint.
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Looks great! Would be fun to make for Halloween , I'd love to put it around the door to freak out trick or treaters! Ha ha!
ElizabethF16 months ago

where did you get the PVA glue? :-|

PVA glue is just elmers glue (white glue)

a66fordvan made it!1 month ago

I make this and use it in my crafting. I LOVE it! It looks GREAT on my papier mache witches!!!


PS thank you for posting the instructions!

msmont2 months ago
will this technique stand up to all weather if used outside does anyone know
HamSandwich110 months ago

this is brilliant for my wwe figures so they can hit each other

This. Is. Brilliant. In fact, the only improvement I can think of (and believe me, I KNOW MY CRAFTS) is to use Swellegant in Iron instead of paint, and follow up with Darkening and one of the other two patinas, which will rust the iron, though one looks like real rust, and the other looks like souped up rust from a dystopian graphic novel. You could even add some traces of Blood Red. Yes, their red is genuinely called Blood Red. That's what attracted me to the stuff in the first place. XD

I'm going to have to apply this to some jewelry. I wonder what would happen if I substituted different textures of string, twine, and yarn? Ooh, I wonder what would happen if I used different METALS? Copper barbed wire with green patina would be either Steampunk as hell, or reminiscent of Poison Ivy. (I am incapable of following directions or recipes as written. Usually, this ends well, but let's not talk about the time I watched $35 in candy ingredients turn to charcoal. It still hurts.)

CompGeekie1 year ago
Wow! Just one question, would I be able to use Mod Podge instead of PVA?
That's a great effect! Now I just need to figure out where to use it!
Advar1 year ago
Ohhh, man! Great for my zombie Jesus costume for next year! (always planning a year ahead, just in case)
Nice job, and thanks! :)
psiren2 years ago
This looks really good. I've had a go myself to make a headpiece for a Halloween costume, I could only get really rough string so it doesn't look as good and was tricky to work with but it looks OK. I brushed mine with a tiny amount of brown paint on a dry brush to make it look rusty and will probably add a bit of fake blood to the tips.
Thanks for the instructions :)
That is really ingenuitive and it looks cool!
zac_96873 years ago
this is beautifully made. i was looking for some alternative to the real thing for a bracelet im making, but when i looked i didnt honestly think i was going to find something that looked so good. major props for the fantastic barb wire and thank you very much for a great ible
"Obviously I didnt want to use the real stuff because of the potentional for accidents." This makes no sense to me
msraynsford (author)  masterochicken7 years ago
If I ran around at a party waving real barb wire somebody could get hurt. This stuff is a whole lot softer than the real thing so wouldnt cause an accident
I think (READ: hope) he is making a comment of your spelling.
You said potentional
Instead of potential.
lol.. do you even know what barbed wire is used for??
I agree. I was born in Wyoming, which has thousands of miles of the stuff.
barbed wire is designed to catch on clothing and such things and Cut and Rip them...
dadoftwins4 years ago
How long does it take to dry?
Broberg4 years ago
This is some of the best looking "barbed-wire" I have ever seen! you could even tip the ends of the barbs in red paint to get some blood on them or maybe a rust color to get an aged look.

Big KUDOS!!!
This wont work like we used it in Guadalcanal i even still have my barb wire roll
jbicb36 years ago
Very cool. I do a lot of photo shoots, and was going to try to make razor wire for one coming up, but I think this will be a lot easier. Thanks for your creativity!
daninja6 years ago
what was the costume??
msraynsford (author)  daninja6 years ago
It's a long story, and much easier to say costume or prop for an amatuer dramatics production. PM me and I'll send you a photo if you're still interested
yes, very.
cosgrove7 years ago
Awesome, I'll maybe have to try this, One Idea, If you get silver paint, put it onto a paintbrush, then wipe most of it off, and lightly drybrush the "barbed wire" it will give it a metallic look. Creative and Well Presented 5/5
you could even get a bit of reddish brown paint and add a small amount after painting it silver to give it a rusted look...
bigfangirl6 years ago
cool :D that looks awesome!
jennakp7 years ago
i'm going to try using thin leather strips/rolls from a crafts' store. i've been thinking of tying to do this somehow with thin wire. you just solve the problem for me. thank ya
mhavrilla887 years ago
nice instructable !!! what if ... you use liquid latex (add color first) it wll be flexible and accident free. just a thought...
Sehnsucht7 years ago
what's the flexibility of this, asks the "alternative" dresser?
Awesome and amazingly easy. Great job, this would work great on Halloween, or at school to scare friends! MWUAHAHAHA! +5/5 stars.
Juklop7 years ago
duck-lemon7 years ago
All your stuff is brilliant brilliant BRILLIANT! are you making a movie or something or are you just making it for the fun of it?
msraynsford (author)  duck-lemon7 years ago
I make because I can. And largely cos I want to impress at fancy dress parties, dont forget the Saw stuff was made last halloween and the Iron man stuff was made this year. I do have other costumes I'm working on though. Must remember to take more photos of those.
well done 5*
Arbitror7 years ago
Favorited and *****!
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