How to make folded book art easier using your computer

Picture of How to make folded book art easier using your computer
In various places, I saw those beautiful folded book art pieces (like in these instructables: Book-Art-How-to-Fold-a-Book-into-a-Word, Folded-Book-Art-Best-most-clear-Tutorial-available  ) - and as I am an avid reader and love books, paper and art, this was a wonderfully alluring combination!

So, I absolutely wanted to make my own! And of course I also wanted to use my own pattern, not just anything!

Looking into one of the instructables (How-to-Fold-a-Book-into-a-Word-The-original-tuto ), which describes the process of making your own pattern, I saw that the measuring and mapping from picture to page is a really tedious, time-consuming process, which can also go wrong in many places. And I realized that the number of free ready-to-fold patterns is a bit, .... mmmh, limited - you don't always want hearts...unless it's Valentine's day, of course.

As I'm also learning how to program, and am a fan of open source software, I thought I could combine this with the books to create something useful.

So I wrote a program which can turn your picture into a pattern for making book folding art.

This instructable is not about how to write that program, nor will I explain in detail how it works.

This instructable shows you how to use the program to make your own book art with your own pattern.

WARNING: The program was only tested on Linux. I do not know, nor can I test, if it also runs on a Windows or Mac OS operating system. If you find out if / how it works on those other, non-open source operating systems, please provide a hint in the comments for other users!

Update: Instructables user flogy4031 and I got it to work on Windows 7. flogy installed WAMP (from, a server environment for Windows, which did some of the configuration of php for him, and imagemagick. Then flogy still had to do some configuration to make the command line work (see linked videos in the comment section). I have now added a Windows version of the script to the github repository, which eliminates a problem caused by different behaviour of the Windows command line.
Thank you very much, flogy4031!

Update 2: As the configuration of php and imagemagick seems quite difficult on Windows for the non-geeks, I added the option to use a virtual machine (which is a little computer inside you computer, if you will). I think this is much easier for the Windows users, and it will also work on Mac OS/X. However, the download size is bigger. Go straight to option 2, if you prefer this!
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pizzidave made it!19 days ago
Made this for a friend's wedding. Thanks for the program!
Moini (author)  pizzidave19 days ago

This turned out very nice - I bet the guests and the couple loved it!

pizzidave Moini19 days ago
They did! Lots of oohs and ahhs. It was a showstopper. It was displayed by the wedding cake. I'm now working on some for the mother and sister of the groom.
the scissor was for washi tape on the spine, to cover the title.

just some of the patterns I've been making with your awesome program :)


hi heathersharmony, i really love your books that you did with the paw prints. i am not that good with a computer and i don't understand how to make my own patterns. i really love the one with the work love and a dog paw in it. i was wondering if i could get that patteren. thanks

james.watts.359 made it!7 months ago

Hi Moini, Been using your programme to make a few designs which have come out really well. I just wanted to know if theres a better way to do words i.e. a way to cheat the system. There are some fonts I want to use and can't as it says there are white gaps between the letters? Is there a way around this?

James, I would looove if you could share the instructions for the Superman-logo! Want to surprise my boyfriend with it but I'm having a problem finding instructions. Mail me!

Take care!
Moini (author)  james.watts.3597 months ago
Like :-D

Yes, there are three ways:
- in a pixel graphics program: cut out the letters and move them towards each other
- in a DTP program: reduce the letter distance (kerning...?)
- in a vector graphics program: turn the letters into paths and grab them and move them together.

You shouldn't modify the script for this, because this will leave you with ugly 'dark' (protruding) bars between the letters.
I've done all three of those and still can get the results i want, as i actually want the gaps between the letters..

Im now trying doing each individual letter through the programme.. but theres a lot more working out and im not 100% sure how to get them all excatly the same so they're lined up and still form a word ... Any further suggestions?
Moini (author)  james.watts.3597 months ago

I could imagine another 'trick' which would work without modifying the program:

You could lay a thin, horizontal black line across your pattern. In the folding instructions, you can distinguish that line from the other 'real' parts because it will always have the same folding measurements which are very close to each other. You could just do a 'search and substitute' on those lines in the instruction sheet, too, to mark them.

Eureka!! Your a genius, it works.. well in theory..!! I've ran my word through the program and I can clearly see the folds that relate to the line! Thank you so much this has just opened up a whole new way of folding for me.. The sky is the limit!! I'll be sure to post a pic up once its folded!! :)

psisko made it!4 months ago

I just finished folding my first book (which surely won't be my last). Thank you for this fantastic piece of software (:

mrsmif made it!8 months ago

These are my two efforts made with your method!

book 19 (6).JPGbook 18 (7).JPG
jonesjdm mrsmif7 months ago

what font is this please? thanks

Moini (author)  mrsmif8 months ago

Thank you for sharing your results! :-D

mrsmif mrsmif8 months ago

'Food' was my first attempt, the text is a little too tall though, I think 'Cook' is a better size!

tivie1111 months ago

These are some of the books I've folded using the program. Here are some tips I've found out the hard way:
1) Use a book with thicker paper. It really makes the letters/design stand out better.
2) When I make the books with words or letters, I have find that having at least 100 pages/50 sheets per letter is a minimum. The more the better.
3) When making your design in your graphics program (I use GIMP), be sure to leave space at the top and bottom of the design. Too little space makes for difficult folds close to the top and bottom of the pages. You can take the blank space from the left and right of the design. That will use more of your pages effectively.


Hi, how do you ensure the image is central? I have just created my first pattern and it is half way up the book! Any help would be appreciated

tivie11 tivie1110 months ago

Here's a semi truck and a dachshund (that means badger hound in German in case you didn't know).

ldoan95 tivie1110 months ago

That's amazing. Love them! I'm trying to install the program to my laptop but it is not compatible... If it's not much to ask, I wonder if you can help me create a pattern for the word "Mom". I want to give her a late gift for mother's day since I was studying abroad away from home. Thank you!

tivie11 ldoan9510 months ago

I agree with Moini. The purpose of the Instructable is to get the program successfully installed on your computer. I was one of the early Windows 7 guinea pigs and got it installed and working. I've got it on two Win7 systems using the first method. I found that looks easier than the virtual machine on Windows. Trust in Moini.

Moini (author)  ldoan9510 months ago
What do you mean by 'not compatible'? The program should run on Windows, Mac OS and Linux in a virtual machine. Please describe your problem in more detail.

I'm sorry I can only give you help installing and running the software. I won't create the pattern for you - if I do, I would cause the 'dam' to breach - and I would have no excuses not to make patterns for everyone who asks. I just can't do that. I think you will understand.
Moini (author)  tivie1111 months ago

Wow - those turned out great! Which font did you use? (and who's Lollie... ? ;-) - no, don't answer that) Thanks for adding those tips! I think they will be very valuable to other folders.

tivie11 Moini11 months ago

The Lollie and Smith fonts are both Blenda. The Ivie is JandaManatee. I got them at The names are last names of family names. They make great gifts!

Another pun: my folding table is a folding table. :-)

Moini (author)  Moini11 months ago

Pun intended. Didn't know I could make puns in english....

flogy4031 made it!1 year ago

finally, after one night folding I've done it!

Overall, it has been a great and fun learning experience, and as a bonus the outcome is outstandingly beautiful (.. is my second ever book folding, so my technique still has to be improved therefor the folds are not quite exact :-) )

2014-03-03 22.19.22.jpg2014-03-03 22.20.12.jpg2014-03-03 22.18.45.jpg

How many "sheets" are in the book you used? That looks great!

Thank you !!

319 sheets (638 pages - 2 hours marking, about 3 hours folding)

I used only 297 sheets :-)

Hope to see yours soon ;-)

This is my second one using the script. This turned out much better because it was a book with more pages. I made this to remember our puppy who just passed away.


What caused the discoloration towards the middle of the book? Was it intentional?

Moini (author)  luckyedboy668 months ago

It's only the shadow between the pages you look right on. If you look from another angle the location of the dark line will change.

Sweet!! keep up the good work!

Moini (author)  flogy40311 year ago

This looks very, very good! Congrats and thank you for sharing!

tivie119 months ago
1940 Ford
Moini (author)  tivie119 months ago

It even has a steering wheel ;-)

Your program is awesome!! It makes pattern creating so much faster. My eyes thank you since I no longer have to erase lines of pixels :)
14, 6:13 AM.jpg
Moini (author)  heathersharmony9 months ago

These are footprints *happily recognizing things*... ;-)

If you have, and if you want to invest the time, they might even look better with more pages - and they might be bigger and with a higher resolution, if you remove the whitespace at the sides of the picture.

auntmannys made it!11 months ago

i was only able to do one word. after that, the program continuously tells me that my image is either all white or i have transparencies somewhere. i check, double check and recheck and the image is neither of those also complies with all of the checks for what the image should include or not include...very frustrated...the first is the image i made and the second is the image i am trying to make and it wont let me...ive tried the same font i used for the first one and it still wouldnt work...maybe someone here can see something im not seeing?

Moini (author)  auntmannys11 months ago

Could you list all the things the image complies with, with their actual values? (instructables converts all uploaded pictures, so I cannot test with this pic. Here I can only see that there are a) not too many holes and b) no vertical gaps, which is good.

or else:

could you upload the pic you are trying to turn into bookpages art somewhere, where the file will not be changed? Then I could take a look myself.

And would you please supply me with the info which version of the script you use on which platform and how you installed it?

And, btw., are the fonts you used in the public domain? I saw your uploads on inkscape and was just about to write something about it being questionable if you may publish those words into the public domain. The law in the US is clear about this, there is no copyright for fonts, but in most other countries of the world, there is.

I always think "better safe than sorry" and wouldn't upload anything containing written text to openclipart anymore, unless the font is also public domain or at least a free font.

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