How to make your own diaphragm turkey call

This is an instructable detailing how to make your own diaphragm turkey call (mouth call).

If you've ever turkey hunted, you know what this is. If not, just know that it is essentially a musical instrument that replicates the natural sound of a wild turkey.

This is not a description of how to use one. If you need tips or pointers on how to use one, check youtube and search for Diaphragm Turkey Calling.

Word of warning: This device uses latex in it's construction. If you have or suspect you have a latex allergy DO NOT make this. It brings your mouth directly in contact with latex. It can kill you if you have an allergy.
Last word before we start: This device is capable of producing a realistic turkey call. So lifelike, in fact, that people get shot every year using these to call in turkey. Use this item at your own risk.
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Step 1: Materials...

Picture of Materials...
Okay, you have come this far, might as well see what materials this takes....

1. Latex Glove
2. Tin or Steel Can
3. Waterproof Medical Tape

Yep. That's all it takes.


1. Snips
2. Scissors
3. Razor Knife
4. Permanent Marker
5. Cutting Board
thanks, for this its really fun and easy to make
taria1 year ago
okay, see I can find how to make these on the web but when I try to find how ot make the bird ones there's nothing. But these are cool and now I can freaky my kids out with it.

I still want to find how to make the bird whistle one, cause im cheap and don't want to spend the money on one when I have everything I need here, but the tut on how to make one.

nice tutorial...oh I mean bad
hailtothkngbby (author)  taria1 year ago
Thanks! I'm afraid I am not certain how to make a bird whistle though.
pquick4 years ago
Thanks for this, I'm kind of a begginer hunter on things bigger than rabbits, squirells, and coons. I've shot deer before too. But now I'll make some new calls with different cuts and reeds.
hailtothkngbby (author)  pquick4 years ago
Glad to help! The hardest part with diaphragm calls is learning how to use them. With the price tag on some of them, it can make hunters a tad wary about buying them if they are not sure they can use one. This way, you can give it a try at very little cost!
clzfishing4 years ago
I have seen these but some have cuts in the reed to make the call sound like a younger or older hen to attract more toms/ jakes
Spookiefish4 years ago
well done. even though all i use them for now is entertaining my kid with semi-amusing chicken sounds, i love this
hailtothkngbby (author)  Spookiefish4 years ago
Thanks! Well, for about 5 bucks worth of junk, that you probably already have, you can have an unlimited supply of them!
That's pretty darn neat, and my dogs freaked out when I played your mp3. ;-)
Thanks! Sorry to your dogs though...

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