How to Never Shuck Corn Again





Introduction: How to Never Shuck Corn Again

I absolutely hate shucking corn and picking off all the corn silk. I found out about this method and use it every time.

Step 1: Cooking

Get out your corn on the cob and place it in your microwave. Cook the corn on full power for 5 minutes.

(It's helpful to trim off the ends and scraggly leaves, too!)

Step 2: Cutting

Remove the corn from the microwave using oven mitts and cut about 1 inch off the bottom.

Step 3: Sliding

Hold the corn up from the opposite end and it will easily slide out completely clean.

If it doesn't come out easily, trim a little more off the bottom and try again!



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This did not work for me ? Maybe I did not cut enough of the ends off, but I had to do more than slide it out. After 5 minutes, in my usually too fast microwave, it was still not cooked enough. I will try again!


it was very tough!

greatest idea! Worked like a charm

Ok.. I tried the corn thing but on the grill. I left the corn in its husk, submerged it in water to soak for about 5 minutes.. Then I put on the grill. When it was done, I cut of an inch of the big end and it came out nice and clean. Hot, so don't burn your fingers and it is soooo good. If you like it steamed this is the same.

this I a great idea..I tried it and it works! Some people say they use plastic wrap in the microwave..I say stop! This is not safe. I did 41/2 minutes for one ear and it was perfect.

:) What a WONDERFUL idea! Do you have ANY idea how long this method might take me if I only have 20 bushel baskets to prepare for the freezer?

Was this corn ALREADY placed into the freezer in the shuck? With EVERYTHING that goes with it? And then microwaved?

Great idea for the occasional cob or 2.

Thank U very much! I just tried it out on some very tasty and Fresh Iowa Sweetcorn !Perfect !

I just made this and it came out perfect!! I will never cook corn on the cob any other way! I cooked 3 ears for 10 minutes. Thank you!!!!

Came out great...does not "slide right out" though, had to do some coaxing...

Got so mad at my plastic wrap that I threw it out. I then bought corn on the cob and forgot I had no wrap to put the cobs in for the microwave. I remembered this post and tried it. To my surprise it not only worked, it was wonderful. Just squeezed out the corn and it came out of the husk clean and no silk! I have since bought a new box of plastic wrap but am hooked on the husk method. I would recommend a very sharp knife to cut off the end of the corn. It's a little tough to cut through so be careful!