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First of all you will need a large group of people. The game is played at night in a safe environment, away from roads. A ball field surrounded by woods on private property would be a good location.

First of all you will need at least 10 or more people to be the "aliens". These are people who are willing to hide up trees, behind bushes and under benches in the pitch dark for the duration of the game. The rest of the group should be divided into teams named after colours, i.e. Blue team, red team, yellow team, etc. About 5-6 people per team is good. Each team must have one flashlight, which they should try to use as little as possible so as not to give away their location to other teams, especially when finding one of the "aliens".

Each Alien is given into his or her possession, in addition to other objects that you can decide upon, several of those light sticks that are activated by bending them in half. Assorted colours are needed, one for each team colour, i.e. blue, red, green, yellow, orange, purple, etc. Also a number of the stripey light sticks are needed which are worth bonus points.

The aliens should change their positions frequently making them more difficult to find by the teams.

homestuck4 years ago
This is a really cool game
yuckzee6 years ago
nice thought on the one where you git bonus points for picking up trash...very nicely done
mg0930mg7 years ago
good job! Will definitely have to do this soon!
Lol. This is just a version of Man Hunt. I was on Vacation in Ohio and there were these woods, full of ATV trails and no lights. I hid and like.. Never got caught xD They all gave up. Loll
stinkymum (author)  Steeltowndude7 years ago
Probably it is!
How willing are people to be Aliens?
stinkymum (author)  Weissensteinburg7 years ago
Very willing - they are usually the older teens.
Biopyro7 years ago
We used to play this with the scouts when I used to help, and they loved it, it does need at least 2 hours really. Instead of getting the kids to do a dance they had to find a map co-ordinate or start a fire without matches etc. It can be played in the day too.
stinkymum (author)  Biopyro7 years ago
but it's more spooky at night!