This is a pretty simple trick that can be done with items you can find at home.  The trick is an upside-down cup with water in it.  If you pick up the cup, the water goes everywhere.  This is actually my first instructable and I am submitting it to the april fools contest.  Please view this!
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Step 1: Stuff you will need:

This stuff you will most likely have at your house:

-a cup
-some water
-some ice
-a piece of THIN cardboard (you can cut one from a cereal box, and it will need to be bigger than the cup's lip
-some towels (optional, it is nice for clean up)

Step 5: More ideas

Another thing you could do is do this a bunch of times on an entry way into a kitchen or some other flat surfaced location.  The victim would be trapped then because they can't just pick all of them up.  They would have to get a piece of cardboard and take out every single one out of the entry way.

Thanks for reading!
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lemonie4 years ago
It works a bit better if you fill it right-up, having air makes it a bit more prone to leaking.

Also, if it's filled all the way it just looks empty.
l8nite4 years ago
lol... we used to do this to waitress with their tip inside (obviously a GOOD tip)