This is a pretty simple trick that can be done with items you can find at home.  The trick is an upside-down cup with water in it.  If you pick up the cup, the water goes everywhere.  This is actually my first instructable and I am submitting it to the april fools contest.  Please view this!

Step 1: Stuff You Will Need:

This stuff you will most likely have at your house:

-a cup
-some water
-some ice
-a piece of THIN cardboard (you can cut one from a cereal box, and it will need to be bigger than the cup's lip
-some towels (optional, it is nice for clean up)

<p>I tried this. I spilled water all over the bathroom &gt;_&lt; and I got into a lot of trouble but this was still good instructions.</p>
My dad is going to bust a vein
<p>&quot;They would have to get a piece of cardboard and take out every single one out of the entry way.&quot;</p><p>That would not work.</p>
It works a bit better if you fill it right-up, having air makes it a bit more prone to leaking.<br /> <br /> L<br />
Also, if it's filled all the way it just looks empty.<br />
lol... we used to do this to waitress with their tip inside (obviously a GOOD tip)

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