Picture of How to remove a GPS disabler from a vehicle.
This instructable will show how to remove a GPS Disabler from your vehicle.

Warning: If your car is under lien, the lienholder may flip out when you disable the GPS.  That is their protection to make you pay your bills or take your car if you default.

I used:
Screw drivers to remove the trim under dash.
pliers/wire cuters
wire connectors
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Step 1: Locate device

Picture of Locate device
We were notified when we signed the contract that there was a device present somewhere on the car.  They said it was hidden and we would never find it.
I located the device using several key facts:
The device needs a clear shot to the sky to receive the GPS signal.
The device needs clear shot to receive and broadcast its status signal (through GSM)
The device works by interrupting the starter signal. (Therefor located near the ignition)
Humans are lazy and complacent.

Gain access to the underside of your dash and look for anything out of place.  Look for new wiring, new electrical tape, wires that are "thicker" than thin stock wires" and wires that go off to the roof of the car.  You are looking for a plastic device thats about the size of a deck of cards with two wires running into the ignition wires.
Don't be afraid to remove electrical tape and zip ties, but be careful not to break or cut the thin wires that belong to your car.

I had one in my 07 titan got into a wreck [not my fault ]hit back of my truck drove it home next day driving hit pot hole went into store came out truck wont start called the company towed it to shop financer said I had to pay to get fixed I said your after market junk u pay they said no who should have to pay I ended up paying $250 they paid $250 cause a wire fell off

ironsmiter2 years ago
Once you own the title, the whole sheebang is YOURS to do with what you will :-)

So... I wonder what the 'plan' on that sim card is.
Nice that you now KNOW the chip... should aid in reverse engineering the code for your own nefarious uses. I'm going to do an educated guess, and say that 10 oin connector thingie is a jtag connector.
When it's cracked, might make a nice "track the kids driving habits" device.
Or even "crooks stole my car, and THIS is where it is" for police recovery.
thematthatter (author)  ironsmiter2 years ago
i dont have an unlocked cellphone to test the sim card, but i did put it in my phone to mess around with it and the phone started to have problems staying on.
Crooks know about these devices so it wont stop a hard time criminal but it will catch the high school kid who is stealing cars during lunch.
The device itself is not a bad idea, the company that made it says you can put up a GPS fence and it will alert you when the car is outside its area.
Its a really simple concept. A homemade device can be more discretely hidden, use real automotive wiring so it will blend in with the ignition wires, hook up to the power door lock relays and you can have your own police bait car. Or if you lock your keys out or something.

I have retrieved one of these from a bmw in a near by pullapart. It appears to have nearly the exact same chip as my arduino mega 2560 only difference is this one is 8 bit. Im curious as to what you ended up doing with yours. Im currently researching information to use this device for a project. Imetrik doesnt have alot of info on the complete device for understandable reasons but i was able to find data sheets on the 3 main chips in the device. Im glad to see im not the only one that wants to hack this think : ) ... If your interested im starting a thread on reverse engineering it. I hope to here from you.

The Mega2560 is an 8 bit controller.. If you are not aware of this, please don't give information to other beginners.

thematthatter (author)  Josh_the_DIYer11 months ago

i havent done anything with it. its still in a box at my house.

It will be October before I can get to it with other stuff in the way. I will bookmark that page, it looks like there are some smart people on there.

dazbeech1 month ago
I have ford mondeo 09 plate anyone no wer it is and how to get it out pls,thanks
mrwadder3 months ago
I have a 08 Hyundai accent that has the disabler on it and trying to see how to remove it .
I have one of those and want to put in a new car battery if I disconnect the battery will it mess with that or can I just switch the battery
thematthatter (author)  audi.reightgal3 months ago

it has a battery built into the board. you should be able to disconnect your car battery.

zenme24 months ago

Just remove power wire and battery and connect two relay wires together no need to go through any more and can be easily reconnected

What are relay wires and how connect them.

Get a electrical radio noise generator that operates around 1.45Ghz and is a part 15 device (and thus legal) mount the device next to the GPS antenna with a couple of suction cups. Now the unit has no valid GPS information and thus no information on your movement or location and the micro processor refuses remote disable signals because of possible danger to traffic.

Will this work if the car has already been shut off
thc_bbs4 months ago

This could be used for extortion too. "We know you've paid off the car, but we think you should buy our $1000 super extended warranty. We've already billed you. And you're overdue."

I paid for the device. It's my property. I can do as I please. The had me to pay 500.00 to install it.this was mandatory. This device does not belong to the company. I paid for it up front. Can they hold me responsible.
thematthatter (author)  Alphonzostarkey 4 months ago

are you still making payments on the car?

If you are and you disable the device then they may be able to repo your car.

Found new wires that lead to battery. Can I disconnect these wires to disable the gps cut off mode.

Is there any way to just disable the super load beeping to let you know that you are a day late? I got a payment extension until the 10th but I hate hearing that LOUD beep that lasts like 1 minute every time I start my car. Is there a way to just disable the beep without removing the entire system?

if you pop the case apart you could desolder the piezo buzzer from the board its a round plastic thing or you could break it in some other fashion.

Go to the store and buy a pack of chewing gum, find the beeper, chew gum, press the pliable chewed gum into the center hole of the beeper... viola a nice and peaceful day.

thematthatter (author)  denice.hicks.75 months ago

turn your radio up louder.

duleypaul4 months ago

please help i cant afford to miss my doctors appointments

duleypaul4 months ago

i have one of those devices on my car where the company can disable your starter if your late. its one of those where you have 1 2 3 4 on it and they give you a 6 digit code. is there a way to disable it so that you can use the car

Is there any way to just disable the super load beeping to let you know that you are a day late? I got a payment extension until the 10th but I hate hearing that LOUD beep that lasts like 1 minute every time I start my car. Is there a way to just disable the beep without removing the entire system?

you may also be able to just rap it crinkled up foil and some metal mesh screen...some of that will be enough to block the signal! (think of the screen on a microwave is a mesh screen...the holes are too small to allow the waves to get out so they are contained in the unit. something similar may work to block any signals.)

AristotelesM6 months ago

Just removing the SIM card should do it. It won't have a way to transmit any information back to the central station.

Take the SIM card out and put it in the microwave for 30 seconds :) Then you can put it back on the device.

Susitna6 months ago
Sounds like another reason to not have a car payment! I hate
Voyager mini-vans, but I buy another clunker before I had a car payment.
mortezaab9 months ago

Hi, I just wanted to help a friend who got a GPS

Just position the car into a mobile phone SMS.

What hardware do I shut the car Tvryh their programming., Or is available at both pairs of my GPS I got a car that has the ability to be (It should be What can I do)

Ardiuno also be a avr or a matter

If I use the module's small circuit

Thank you

mix19831 year ago
So basically you could just connect the ignition back the way it originally was and leave this unit alone so that the system thinks this unit is still doing its job...
thematthatter (author)  mix19831 year ago
until they come and recover the vehicle.
This sure is good information!! You have helped me a lot!!
altomic1 year ago
curious about the sim chip and whether you have checked it out in an unlocked mobile.
Zibri2 years ago
Interesting. The 10 pin pad above the ATmega chip should be a JTAG port.
You should also try the sim card in a cell phone. It should give you free calls or free data :)
thematthatter (author)  Zibri2 years ago
i dont have an unlocked phone for the sim card :(

What would i need for the JTAG port? I have never heard of JTAG before today