Picture of How to repair a 65-67 falcon or mustang fuse box
I've got a 1965 Ford Falcon from my father, it was his first car and now it's my turn to take care for it.

Some parts need to be rebuild and it's a great challenge to figure out how to do it or find spare parts, specially in my country.

When I was rebuilding the electrical system the problem was to find a replacement, because I could't find it I had to rebuild it and this is how I did.

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Step 1: Identify your fuse box

Picture of Identify your fuse box
This guide can be used for a lot of cars from the 1960's but I'll try to write specifically about the ford falcon/mustang/cougar ones.

Your fuse box must look like this:

Step 2: Remember the original wiring order & remove the box

Picture of Remember the original wiring order & remove the box
remove 4.png
Mark every cable before remove the fuse box, this schematic shows the right configuration in case something goes wrong.

Remove the box from the car cutting the wires as close as possible from the box connections.

WARNING: Do not cut the radio cable, it is the one in the front, it's better to remove the box with the radio wire still attached, is just a few inches long.

Step 3: Remove Fuses and rusty Clips

Picture of Remove Fuses and rusty Clips
We can see a lot of rust on the box, this is because most of the clips  are made of ferrous materials instead of copper or brass, which allows terminals to oxidize, and rust does not allow current to flow, causing car accessories to fail.

To remove the rusty old clips is necessary to insert a flat small screwdriver pushing the retainers that hold them in place, then you just have to push the clip to release it.

Then remove 9 clips, except the one in the picture, this one is usually made of copper and it only needs to be sanded and cleaned.

Step 4: Clean the box

Picture of Clean the box
Once the clips are gone, it is a good idea to clean the entire box, once finished it will look a lot better than before.
Where did you purchase your clips? I can't seem to find them anywhere!
crowndelorean (author)  m.r.musick441 year ago
you can find them as SFE fuse holders in several sites around the web or you can find them as "fuse box repair kit" in places like ebay. I've received comments from people using the same clips and similar methods on mopars, charger and most cars that used SFE, AGX, AGC fuses. -Sam
Hovercraft3 years ago
Nice work! Could you tell me the part number of the clip you've used? Did you get them from a Mustang/Cougar/Falcon parts store or from an electronics supplier? The Mustang parts guys want like 2.70 per clip but I can't find them at large electronics supply houses like Digikey and Newark. If you could tell us your clip source, I'm sure we would all be very grateful.

crowndelorean (author)  Hovercraft3 years ago
I got them from my local computer wire hardware store, but you can find them on several places on-line like ebay for about a buck per clip. (sorry, I still don't know a part number) -Sam
bg_askins3 years ago
i wish i saw this before i rewired my 53 chevy pickup
crowndelorean (author)  bg_askins3 years ago
Glad you like my work! -Sam