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After years of service, the plastic coating on dishwasher racks are prone to wear and the metal frame rusts. It's only a matter of time before they break and become unusable.

Replacing these parts can be expensive and often the components are no longer available which means that you need to buy a new appliance !!!!

sugru customers from all over the world send us pictures of their repaired dishwashers and Franklin from Germany just sent us these great before and after shots so I thought hey, let's make an Instructable :)

This is a simple repair that can save quite a bit of money.

Why sugru is good for this repair:
1: it's dishwasher proof
2: it's waterproof
3: it bonds to the different materials and protects them

Step 1: Getting started

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You have about 30 minutes to work with sugru before it starts to cure so you have plenty of time.

1: Open one mini pack (5g) of sugru with a scissors cutting along the dotted lines.

2: Peel open the mini pack.

3: Remove the sugru and knead it in your fingers for around ten seconds.

4: Shape the sugru into a flat sausage that is long enough to cover the damaged metal

if you find that sugru sticks to your fingers, just give them a quick wipe with dry tissue paper
kwhite381 year ago
My solution is just yelling at her.
alcurb1 year ago
Great application for Sugru. I can now fix my shampoo basket hanging from the shower head. Thanks!