Picture of How to replace a damaged shingle
We had a wind storm recently blow off one shingle and damage 3 shingles on our garage. We had to replace them, and all the roofing companies said to do it ourselves, because its easy.

Winds of 100km, the yard was a mess, garbage, shingles, toy pools, wishing wells and leaves everywhere.
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Step 1: Get New Shingles

Picture of Get New Shingles
Take your shingle to the store and get a bundle of matching shingles. Make sure you get a bundle, because I thought I needed one and I ended up using 4 and breaking 2 by dropping them.

In our case it was a laminated NY Driftwood bundle for 25 dollars at RoofMart.

This image will help you determine what to get:

Step 2: Set Up

Plan to fix your shingles on a sunny warm day, not cold because they will crack, and not hot because they will crumble.

Then set up a ladder and bucket system, in the bucket you will probably need
  • Bucket
  • Rope
  • Hammer
  • Roofing Nails
  • Crowbar
  • Fulcrum for prying (2x4)
  • Shingles, (one at a time. We used a vice grip tied to a rope to hoist up the shingles.
  • Caulking Gun with Roof Tar Tube

Step 3: Understand Shingles

Picture of Understand Shingles
Here is a drawing of my shingles (from here on, it will be drawing because a steep roof where everything is sliding down is not the place for a camera, and my dad wasn't very excited to hold a camera for a hour.)

Shingles are in strips about 3 feet by 1 foot. They are attached by roofing nails (which have huge heads) and tar.

Shingles overlap so water runs off the roof.

Step 4: Remove the nails

Picture of Remove the nails
Take out the nails. Determine how many nails you have on your shingle piece.

Carefully pry up the shingle until you find the nail. Pry at it with a screwdriver until you can pry it out with a crowbar.

Don't bend the shingles back too far, as you'll break them more.

Also, remove any other nails that are exposed from the damage.
RodneyW12 months ago

Get step by step on how to replace shingles. A few of my roof's shingles got destroyed in a hail storm the other day. Instead of having a service replace a few shingles I think I'll be fine replacing them myself. Thanks for posting these great instructions.

Harryone6 years ago
Some shingles come with a few spots of roofing cement preapplied. After a coupla warm days they'll glue their flaps down automatically-at least, hopefully. Black gooey stuff is at other places, too. I'd suggest the warmest day available since it makes the goo softer and easier to abuse. Wear a hat.
mweston6 years ago
We just had a winstorm here in Cincinnati Ohio... except our wind actuall took all the shingls off Happen to have an instructable on that :)
mweston mweston6 years ago
BTW, I like the pictures, they make it a lot easier!
sbrown (author)  mweston6 years ago
Actually, no but I can make one. I re shingled our shed last year. Do you want me to make one?
mweston sbrown6 years ago
No thanks, we are having a roofing company lay down all new shingles, but if you ever happen to need to re-roof something, post pictures - Im sure it would help a lot of people.
sbrown (author)  mweston6 years ago
Indeed, I will be doing a shed in what 20 years? :D haha i just did it last year.
It's even harder when the previous owner of the home re-shingled the roof incorrectly.
srhadaham6 years ago
looks like you did an excellent job and your pictures made it easy to follow