Step 2: Drain the Power Steering system

Removing the Power Steering pump should take less than two hours, depending on the equipment that may need to be removed to get to the power steering pump. On the Ford Thunderbird, the pump is accessible without removing any other equipment.

1) Flush the power steering system. This way, the rack is filled with fresh fluid, in preparation for receiving the new pump.

2) Drain the power steering system.
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Thank you so much for posting these instructions on how to fix a power steering pump. Does this also work on<a href="http://www.westechequipment.com/Industrial-Commercial-Submersible-Pumps_c1686.htm" rel="nofollow">drainage pumps</a>? I'd love to not have to call a repairman. Thank you for your help!
I've been thinking about doing instructables when I work on my car, but the swearing that seems to be required with every project makes me think otherwise.&nbsp; However, you did such a great job with this, I might try on my next one. :)<br />
Well done.
Thank you, Lance!

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