How to Tailor Your Own Shirt





Introduction: How to Tailor Your Own Shirt

Recently, we received a video submission from John Paul. He wanted to know how to make a baggy shirt fit, because we all know how expensive it is to get a shirt made specifically tailored for you.

We're going to show you a little method that we think is the best called the "Pinch and Pin"

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Step 1: Measuring the Shirt

Take your baggy shirt, turn it inside out and put it on.

Step 2: Pinch and Pin

Make sure you have a friend help you with this step. Get our a bunch of pins and then pinch the excess fabric and pin it so it fits how you want it to.

Be sure to pin all the way to the bottom of the shirt and don't forget under the arms. Repeat on the other side.

Step 3: Sewing the Shirt

Once you've got your shirt pinned, you're going to start sewing a seam starting above the armpit all the way down the side.

Step 4: Cutting the Excess Fabric

After you're done sewing both sides, try on the shirt to make sure that it's the right fit. If you're happy, you can cut off all the excess fabric and you've got yourself a shirt that fits!

Step 5: For Serious Shirt-makers

If you're serious about make a shirt from scratch, we recommend purchasing "Shirtmaking" by David Page Coffin.

Happy sewing!



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    Thank you for the clear-cut instructions. I'm looking forward to trying this!

    Tailor your own dress shirt is the difficult work to process so then why should we not make own design shirt and tailor will stitch your shirt according to our design i think its not so costly and shall make slim fit dress shirt at affordable price.

    for More details visit here:- Custom dress shirts

    I have that book and it is worth every penny. Wish I'd had it before I sewed my first shirt.

    That sure sounds easy and I think I have just the shirt to try it on

    Thanks! I'm a small transguy who finds it hard to find a t-shirt that fits okay on the waist, but goes straight up to hide other curves, and this solved my problem.

    Why is the 'after' picture so terrible? His shirt isn't buttoned, and you can't see how it fits at all because of his posture and hand being in the way.

    Thank you! My husband is a tall, fit guy but tall sizes are few and far between, so he often just has to get XL shirts, which are long enough, but also much too wide.

    I just did 5 of my shirts today, and they came out terrific! Thank you so very much for doing the video, it has totally changed my wardrobe!

    I keep seeing these pinch and pin videos and tutorials.. but they make it sound so easy.. "now just pinch and pin." But if I start at the armpit then when I get to the bottom the and back aren't lined up so one side is longer.. It seems no matter how hard I try to line it up with the original seem it doesn't work.. any advice??

    This is a neat little trick. Most all my shirts are too wide for the neck (who are they designed for?) and taking them in is a super idea. However I'm having some trouble with the bit underneath the arm. Is there a line to stitch that doesn't result in a kink and bulge in the line of the seam under the arm? I tried tapering it out, but it's still not neat.