Picture of How to turn a Millennium Falcon into a PC!
I wanted to build a unique computer to hook up to my TV to watch movies. I searched the Internet for a while trying to get an idea of what I could make it out of and finally ran across the 1979 Kenner Millennium Falcon. While I was searching I found only a few other people that have modded this, one was a PS3 and a couple were turned into an original Xbox. So as far as I know I'm the first to put a PC inside one of these. It took a little planning and time searching for parts but it finally all came together. There are a few additions I'd like to make in the future: I'd like to add a slot load Blu-ray player, more LEDs, and give it a nice paint job but I'm not in a rush to do them yet. I hope you guys enjoy this as much as I do.

***I guess I should've mentioned this to begin with that I didn't use a Millennium Falcon that was is good shape. I had to give it a bath in bleach to remove a bunch of stains and the smells that went along with them. I had to reinforce the rear feet because they could no longer support it's own weight let alone the weight of a computer inside it. There were also parts missing that I had to find to make it whole again.***
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Looks great and just for reference, that Millenium Falcon was re-released a few more times over the years. The most recent version came out in 2005. So no need to hunt down the vintage one.

tjacobs51 year ago

This is so awesome! But I would love to see this painted!

jgood51 year ago

I recently built a Millennium Falcon PC as well, except mine has an AMD 7750 and an i5 3570K, so it can game too. YouTube video here:


Sorry but you where not the first, I did this mod over 4 years ago here's a you tube

link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BF4AHVnxegU

This won me the Intel desktop 2009 comp. Also I wasn't even the first I got the idea from about the 50 MF mods I found online before I even started. Though I will admit yous is very nice but give some credit to the loads of us who came before you..
samwolf782 years ago
While this is really cool it seems somewhat sacrilegious to do this to an original Falcon. =)
Agreed. Have this: http://i.imgur.com/o5fTNVT.jpg
mino20031 year ago
Raphango1 year ago
Epic! Congratulations!
This is epic, however if I were building one, it would be based around an Atom board as Atoms tend to use less power and thus run cooler than i3s, for example, and then install either Xubuntu or Mint Xfce on it. :)
Dark_Haseo2 years ago
no paint job ?
One of the best PC cases I have seen!! Love to see thew improvements. Followed.
ehudwill2 years ago
This is super cool! Great job.
BradJordan (author)  ehudwill2 years ago
Great project, absolutely agree you did the right thing with o e exception. U shouldda built a Linux box like Ubuntu or even an apple box since OS/10 will install on almost any intel core duo setup. See apple.com for specs. Just my 2¢. Great job all the same dude.
• • • Fuzzee Dee OUT • • • }~{ <> }~{ ^~^ :->
syates32 years ago
A really god option is something like Revell Star Wars Millennium Falcon Model specs are: Dimensions: 17 inches long x 12 inches wide x 4 inches deep, snap assembly, Pre-decorated parts, Includes an opening cockpit and two small figures. Runs around 35 bucks. Just do some modding to the inside (assuming you want to take this project on your already going to be doing it.) On the other plus side your also not using a collectible toy.
syates3 syates32 years ago
Keep in mind I don't know how much you could fit in the 4" Tall space but you'd defiantly be suck with a integrated card and probably want an external power supply (I'd suggest you get a pre-built tower like HP's low end slim tower that has an external power supply (you can tell if it does by the laptop like plug on the back and the brick) and use that in order to get the space you'd need for the board to fit comfortably as it's mostly external parts) and so it wouldn't be a great gaming rig but that would also make cooling easier.
Jokeowarp2 years ago
why would you destroy a collectable toy? :(
BradJordan (author)  Jokeowarp2 years ago
In my opinion I didn't destroy it, if you read my intro I had to clean it up and repair it. I feel that I gave it new life.
I think you improved it and put it to good use. Awesome project!
scottsmith2 years ago
Spectacular! That's a great project, very well done!
ToolboxGuy2 years ago
Wow! I want to make an ultracool mod like this!
Please told me you saved the box! It is probably worth more than the toy to collectors....
askjerry2 years ago
I have been seeing a lot of talk about cutting up the '79 Falcon... but since it was in bad shape... I totally agree with this mod. I had an Omnibot 2000 robot that had been played with enough that the joints were shot, the electronics were flaky, etc. Choices...
1) Put it on a shelf.
2) Try to repair as much as possible... still wouldn't be right.
3) Radically modify it and do something new.
4) Chuck it in the dustbin.

We chose option #3... installed modern electronics and LEDs... and now it is getting played with by a whole new generation. (Gave it to my friend Tim... he reworked it.) I will admit that it was odd seeing a picture of the disassembled parts in the dishwasher... but in the end... much better.

And for this project... the same applies... a worn and tired toy becomes something new and exciting. Two thumbs up!

If it had been mint-in-box you would have been hanged however. Just sayin'.
Did the same thing a few years back, except I used a 2004 OTC Millennium Falcon for mine.

WOW! That is the coolest computer idea I have ever seen. Great job!
JakeCon2 years ago
Awesome work! Can't wait to see your detailed paint job for this!
Tis an ingenious thing of beauty my friend. I envy your skills. Freaking Awesome!!!!
The Rambler2 years ago
I have to chime in with others and say that as someone who can appreciate a Millenium Falcon computer I love this... and as someone who loves collecting Star Wars memorabilia I hate this. Either way it's super cool.
scarecreaux2 years ago
How fast will it make the Kessel run?????????
BradJordan (author)  scarecreaux2 years ago
It can make it in less than 12 parsecs! lol
but Han don't you know that a parsec is a measurement of distance lol
well that clears things up
Capn Badger2 years ago
Much win. I could kill you for cutting up a 79 Falcon, but this is the best reason to do it. A+ sir.
omg.. such heresy... looks ok, but still an heresy :(
Kiteman2 years ago
Did you hear that clang?

That was my jaw hitting the floor!

Man, I can't decide whether to be horrified at the sacrilege of cutting up an original Millenium Falcon toy, or overjoyed at the final product.

Total nerdgasm!
edjsage Kiteman2 years ago
I totally agree with you. Very awesome result. I don't think I could ever push myself to do this though. As a collector, this makes me cringe. I guess if it was a rather beat up old Falcon in bad condition, this would be a great resurrection. Kudos to the maker though. Awesome build.
Honus Kiteman2 years ago
I thought the exact same thing! I have to say it's an awesome case mod. Pushing Solo's face to turn it on is brilliant.
BradJordan (author)  Honus2 years ago
Thank You!
BradJordan (author)  Kiteman2 years ago
Thanks, The first cut was definitely the hardest but it was worth it!
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