Picture of How to use a Fish Bone Knotless Gear Tie.
The Fish Bone Knotless Gear Tie is easy tie, easy to untie, and stays in place. There are a bunch of places it could come in handy. Here are a few ways tie it. 

Fish Bone came about when I wanted to enter the Pocket Sized Contest. You can read about it by clicking here. I highly recommend participating in every contest you can. Each contest is a chance to go outside your comfort zone and learn something new. Without them I may have never thought up this little fishy. To date we have produced more than 30,000 of them. 

You can win your very own set of Fish Bones by entering the Great Outdoors Contest

WARNING: Fish Bone products are not intended for climbing or load bearing applications where failure would cause damage or injury.


Step 1: The Basic Tie.

Picture of The Basic Tie.

spencerasj7 months ago
do you sell these
Mrballeng (author)  spencerasj7 months ago
You can check them out at www.fishbonefish.com. If you contact Eldrick through the website he will give you a coupon code. Just let him know Brent sent you. Thanks for asking.
hey man really cool I made 2 wooden snappers and several piranhas that I made into necklaces and I had a idea for a mako shark and bass gear tie I will make a instructable on it soon
Mrballeng (author)  MandalorianMaker1 year ago
Awesome! I'd love to see photos. Thanks.
laffinm2 years ago
Good idea
pappaGeez2 years ago
I just love the idea....so many applications. Gonna hang one on my car keys.
Was wonderring y u did'nt call the piranha the ''Paranha"
Paracord+piranha=paranha. lol. keep up the grr8 stuff
Mrballeng (author)  pappaGeez2 years ago
That's a great idea! Paranha. Good thinking.
HollyMann2 years ago
Great job!!! I was looking at these on your website - pretty amazing ..like the others said, about the multiple uses. I love it!
It looks smart but if you need to learn all the different ways to use it you may as well learn a few knots
this is knots on steroids
jslarve2 years ago
Thanks for this. The little instruction sheet that came with my fishbones was kind of hard to understand.
Blue Hawaii2 years ago
I love these little gadgets. Kinda the same concept as Loop Alien, except it opens your beer bottle. Way to go!
PhilKE3FL2 years ago
Thanks for the information the "fishbone" seems like a nifty little piece of camping hardware which, as you've been pointing out, has many uses in many situations.

Being an amateur radio operator in emergency service I'm always going out & hoisting antennas into places with whatever nature provides. We've had similar type hardware to keeping lines tight but these look like items I could make or are very inexpensive and would do the same job just as well.

As to the comment about having to learn so many different ways to use it I'll simply say that it seems to me that the basic idea is friction, so you really only need to learn one way to use it, to increase the friction between the pieces in the direction that the situation wants to pull. This is all so that they can't be pulled apart by nature, only by the application of thought. This is also the basic idea behind quick release knots, except for them the friction is greatest in the direction that the situation wants to pull on the knot and very light in some other direction so we can undo it easily.
It is pretty crazy how many uses that thing has!
This is VERY cool--must wander over to Kickstarter to see what OTHER genius ideas are on there!!!

Do keep in mind tho---as the inventor rightly says--these are NOT made to climb etc with--the breaking strength of TITANIUM is approximately the SAME as human long bones--about 350 POUNDs.

Just sayin'.
alf4jc2 years ago
This may be a dumb question but going to ask it any way. I noticed in most of your examples of how to use the fish bone you mainly use the og fish bone. is there an advantage of lets say using the piranha over the og in some situation. I can see the large fish bone is used for larger rope but dose the piranha beside doing larger wrope than the og have less or more uses. Sorry for the long question.
Mrballeng (author)  alf4jc2 years ago
Fish Bone was the original then we made it bigger, Snapper. Fish Bone is small, snapper opens bottles. Piranha is both. You can also modify it to do a few other things.
thebhgg2 years ago
The newsletter sent me here. This looks really great! Have you thought of using it as a handle on large boxes? (kind of like this http://www.containerstore.com/shop/kitchen/foodPrep/tools?productId=10005432)

I'm not enough of a rope master to see if it could work around a box to provide a handle, or if it would be comfortable enough in the hand to carry heavy objects.

Great work!
koreg2 years ago
They used to make something similar to this to tie up boats, it just didn't have a hole in it and was triangle shaped.
Denger2 years ago
String bikini fastener may be the best application for this tool; it's certainly the most attractive.
CrimsonCrow2 years ago
I don't even camp and I love my Fish Bones. I use them around the house and running errands all the time!
jamob2 years ago
It is an amazing idea you came up with! I was amazed at the amount of pledges you got on kickstarter! Any idea if these will hit an outdoor or home improvement store soon where I can pick some up?
nanosec12 jamob2 years ago
you don't have to wait to buy them retail....

you can still order them from his website at www.fishbonefish.com for only slightly more than the kickstarted reward levels.

it was awesome to see how well this project was supported on kickstarter, and I am happy I got in at the beginning. I am now the proud owner of several titanium fish !!