Introduction: How You Make a MAD MAX Shawed-Off Shotgun

In that Tutorial i show you how you make a shawed off Shotgun!

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Dont use any Props in Public.
People could think they are real!

CathysTutorial will not accept
liability for whatever happened.


RMConstruction (author)2009-11-06

Shawed off??


It's sawed off, or sawn off!

beantean (author)RMConstruction2013-10-22

It's cool bro. Nobody's perfect.

bendog38 (author)2011-05-24

Why does it have to be "Shawed Off"? I don't like my shotguns to be Shawed Off!

Kona-chan (author)bendog382013-08-25

they fit better in your school bag MAAHAHAHAHAHA

megustatrains (author)bendog382013-07-05

it was a typo...

Zebidiah Granger (author)2010-10-17

damn good instructable!! this'll totally help me with my halloween costume!

jbonato28 (author)2009-11-13

Thats a great tutorial. Thanks.

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