video How you make a MAD MAX Shawed-Off Shotgun
In that Tutorial i show you how you make a shawed off Shotgun!

Music by Kevin macleod (incompetech.com)
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Dont use any Props in Public.
People could think they are real!

CathysTutorial will not accept
liability for whatever happened.
Shawed off??


It's sawed off, or sawn off!
It's cool bro. Nobody's perfect.
bendog384 years ago
Why does it have to be "Shawed Off"? I don't like my shotguns to be Shawed Off!
they fit better in your school bag MAAHAHAHAHAHA
it was a typo...
damn good instructable!! this'll totally help me with my halloween costume!
jbonato285 years ago
Thats a great tutorial. Thanks.