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A combination of fresh and canned ingredients make this salsa a tasty treat year-round.

Step 1: Gather at the Grocery Store

Picture of Gather at the Grocery Store
Considering the visual effect of the salsa-deliciousness, I aim for a full array of colors in my salsa. That also helps at the grocery store -- you can gather ingredients without a written list. Here's what I generally go for:

One large can (or two regular sized ones) of diced, low-salt tomatoes** (I go for the organic ones if I can find them)
One large red bell pepper***

Two - Three full-sized carrots, or two-handfuls of the peeled, baby carrots
One large orange bell pepper

Two ears fresh corn OR
One can, low-salt yellow (or yellow and white) corn
One large yellow bell pepper

One - two jalapeno peppers
One big bunch of cilantro
Limes (the amount of limes you include depends on your personal taste ... I usually do 3 - 4)

One medium-sized red onion

One medium-sized jicama root (This is key -- it gives the salsa a "fresh" crunch.)

** I know, I know ... you're thinking "Seriously - CANNED tomatoes?" To which I reply, yes ... canned tomatoes. They're good all year long, and the juice in the can adds to the consistency of the salsa. Trust me. Canned tomatoes.

*** I included here bell peppers of all colors (except green -- they're too bitter), but it's really a personal choice. Add the ones you like. I generally try to include the orange ones, since that gives an additional color when the salsa's all finished.

paul macca3 years ago
sorry barmaral but here in mexico that´s not salsa that is called ¨pico de gallo¨ if you want later you can visit my posts that later i´m gonna do about the real mexican food and other worldwide adaptations but don´t worry i´m not reclaiming you i´m only telling you your wrong idea from salsa
LinuxH4x0r6 years ago
Looks delicious. My dad makes fresh salsa all the time, but we haven't tried it this way. 5/5
Damn, that looks incredibly delicious. I just might have to make this.

Nicely done Instructable. I look forward to seeing more great Instructables from you.

By the way, awesome photos!

+5/5 stars.
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This looks really tasty! Great work with the photos, too! :D
plopez15106 years ago
Looks delicious. Great pics too!