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Who remembers that episode of Doctor Who, "Evolution of the Daleks," when Dalek Sec turned into a human-dalek hybrid? I do, because it was STUPID. Dalek Sec was the least threatening creature I have ever seen, it looked like Cthulhu had a baby with a cyclops, and somehow it turned out all inbred and whiny. Take a page from the Spartans and cast the abomination upon the rocks, I say!

Still, it was kind of a cool concept, even if the execution was terrible. As Halloween approached this year and it became more and more apparent that I wouldn't have the funds and time to build a full size Dalek, I decided a compromise was in order: I would build a Human Dalek costume, only it would be much more awesome than Dalek Sec's nasty tentacle face could ever be!

This way, I would have a cool costume to wear, some parts of which will be reusable for the real Dalek costume I will be building next year (for realsies this time). In particular, the dome and the electronics, all of which were a huge pain in the rear, will be completely reusable.

Here's a video of me being frustrated and exterminating things:

So, without further ado, let's learn how to build a Human Dalek costume!
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mind.the.gap8 months ago
you will be exterminated!!
sunshiine2 years ago
Wow! I will vote!
depotdevoid (author)  sunshiine2 years ago
Thanks sunshiine!
mikeasaurus2 years ago
Fantastic job, Ian! An entertaining and informative narrative, too. That voice modulator is awesome
depotdevoid (author)  mikeasaurus2 years ago
Thanks Mike, I was very pleased the modulator worked at all, even more so that it worked as well as it did!

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