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    I was making some slight changes and stuff got deleted. I am working with Instructables to get this resolved.

    What a great project! Not to heap on extra work, but as someone with a serious interest in building something along these lines in the future, I'd love to see a list of lessons learned or potential improvements now that you guys are through with the build and competition. I probably don't have the money, need, or attention span to iterate a project like this more than once so your hindsight would be valuable as others' foresight.

    This would sway if the springs were not stiff enough, but we incorperated the shock to help absorb some of that. But when we took sharp corners at high speeds you can see it squat down pretty far.

    This is insane! I noticed some boxes were added beside the rear rider are those for carrying tools or for protection.

    Those were added as part of the competition. We had to incorperate some things into the design like tool boxes, map, and camera.

    Sincerely awesome! Love the design!

    Tell me you won the local competition...if not WHAT DID?