I ROBOT.(My Yellow Friend).





Introduction: I ROBOT.(My Yellow Friend).

About: What should I say...? I need more Tools !!

Instructables robot is the best friend you could Have so as a tribute to this Yellow friend all of us love ,I dare to make something with stuff from my own home.This is my Humble version of the Instructables Robot, I hope you like it rated and vote.Check the Update...
Hat styles.!!!



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    very nice work, Mr. Sanchez. i like it alot. keep up the great work! cheers!

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    Whohohohoa...man your work was my inspiration..YOU TAKE ALL THE CREDITS...R.E.S.P.E.C.T....!

    Jejejejeje! Me comí la m. Pero bueno, cómo así que no lo puso en el concurso? es un amarillo perfecto!!!

    2 replies

    Jeje...tengo q relajarme un poco con esto de los concursos...Instructables se ha convertido en una importante parte de mi vida...pero mi nena no entiende...t ha pasado...?

    Sip. Es normal. Instructables es lo máximo!

    Hm, I'm sure whoever is managing this contest is just taking a little while to get through everything. We've been sort of backlogged with a lot of different entries, but I'll see what I can do.

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    Thnk U so much I´m In...

    Very nice! where is the disk drive thing below the three buttons on his chest?

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    oops! stupid me. I guess that's a reminder to look at all the pictures first before I complain. i stand corrected.

    Os habéis comido la "m"?o es un cumplido...greetings maese Caicedo...

    This is awesome! You know, we have one pretty much exactly like this one at Instructables HQ!

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    Really..?...in fact I saw on your blog the job of Rupert Valero, so I decided to make something like that...but he is the master of Puppets...R.E.S.P.E.C.T